The Yogi Box #For the love of Yoga

//The Yogi Box #For the love of Yoga

The Yogi Box #For the love of Yoga

Hey all,

Here I am with another BRAND NEW STORY exclusively on the blog!

Recently on my quest for wellness & strive for a fit soul I met RuchiKapoor & Shilpa Dsouza from Mumbai.



They have an inspiring story of their start up business which indulges wellness for one & all.

Lets read – The Brand Story – Need for the YOGI BOX

To live in harmony and peace with oneself and nature is a wish of every mindful human being. Today, this wish has gone to the bottom of the list because of the demands of the urban life. This has caused imbalance leading to strain and stress on your mind and body.

YogiToday was born out of our love for Yoga and Wellness. As mothers, our basic instinct is to look for things that would enhance our child and family’s well being. Increasingly we realized that our journey into the philosophy of Yoga answers most of our questions. We wanted to share the benefits we reaped from practicing Yoga with as many individuals as possible.

Our goal is to connect and guide the modern “Yogi” to yoga lifestyle products, services and experiences.

A “Yogi” accordingly to us is an individual who lives a responsible life and represents certain qualities. They have a “curious mind” and are constantly questioning the choices they make. Do successful individuals sleep late into the morning? Will this food nourish me from within? Will this chemically loaded soap cleanse my body or be harmful? Is the plastic bag I use worth the cost of harming the environment?

Get the picture? Yes, Yoga is for everyone – children, young adults, corporate professionals, homemakers and senior citizens across different cultures and societies.

For us there are people who are a yogi even though they do not fit the yogi definition in the dictionary – how about Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa?

This idea has evolved from the seed that was nurtured in our individual minds over the years till it finally took form in YogiToday in August 2015. We are yet to finish our first financial year but are extremely encouraged with the responses in these last 6 months! We have launched our website and spearhead 2 events and the first ever Yogi Box.

The Inspiration & ideas at work – 

We Care about educating you on yoga with articles, relevant information, tips and tricks to improve your practice.

Our Yogi Tribe helps you connect with certified teachers from different types of yoga which acts like a community for continuous engagement that encourage you through your journey. You can connect with the teachers directly or through us to start your yoga practice.

We also have a dedicated space called “Yogi Diaries” that gives you a platform to share your yoga journey or just get inspired by other stories.

We Curate wellness and organic products within“The Yogi Box”, a carefully curated subscription box with a mix of 5-7 natural and novel products that sets you on the pursuit of wellness.

We Connect through Yogi Seva or Yogi Escapes to spread the benefits of yoga and wellness through events, retreats, workshops and community service.

The Kick Start? 

We are bootstrapping entrepreneurs who started with Rs.200,000/- initial capital and organically added funds. We continue to do so.

Our previous professional experience is of the corporate world wherein we have worked hard within the framework to give best results. Yes, there are challenges on every box, event or workshop that translates to learning. We better ourselves everyday.

The Price?

We have our themed Yogi Box for Rs. 599/-(plus shipping) and our bulk orders for gifting is priced different based on any customization required and the quantity ordered. Events/workshops are custom-made based on the sensibilities and requirements of the corporate, society or the target audience.

All our offerings are carefully conceptualized based on our theme and extensive research goes through in choosing the products that will ultimately feature in our box or our event.

For example our upcoming Yogi Box is themed around “anti-stress”. You can expect an eclectic mix of products that act like tools to reduce stress and boost your happiness quotient.

The Uniqueness? 

We believe that the Yogi Box is not just another subscription box. It’s a “starter kit” to your practice, mindful living and your wellness.  Instead of looking for different products, researching natural products that work or even getting introduced to lesser known brands that offer unique and organic stuff that’s actually good for you, we bring you all this in “The Yogi Box”! And as a rule we always have an element of Yoga in our box!

Is the box only for yogis?

This box is mostly for people who are on the path of exploring the world of wellness living. We feel The Yogi Box will interest anyone who wants to make small changes in his/her lifestyle toward reaching a bigger goal of living a life that has been least harmful and most beneficial to your own self and to our Nature! You need not be practicing Yoga to be interested in the box since the products selected for the box is used in your daily lives and not just during yoga.


My Review – Yogi Box – 

Filled with relaxing & fragrant notes which makes your room earthy fresh.

1. I liked the Tatva Body Lotion with almond & saffron. Majorly because my skin is extremely sensitive towards too fragrant lotions.I am little skeptic here to choose wise before I put it on. This one had a subtle fragrance & deep moisturizing without any allergies.

2. The Vetiver Bath Scrub – Earthy fragrance & soft on body. I advise not to rub it harsh on skin. It becomes soft after using it with Tatva Body Wash. It can not be used for a more than a couple of months as it is organic & may tear soon.

3. Yogi Tea – It is little spicy in nature. Not recommended for people who are not in a habit of having Masala Tea. I liked it as I always prepare my cup with black pepper & ginger in it. Strong & refreshing.

4. The Yoga House Voucher – The only thing I disliked or may be I could not try, as this was specific to Mumbai people. I strongly advise to change it to a product as most times it becomes constraint.

Would like to order the Tatva Lotion right away! I totally loved it.

Thanks a bunch to Richa & Shilpa for sharing the box with me.

Will I recommend? Yes surely as I loved the products personally. A fragrant & earthy box. Even the non yogis like me would be tempted to have one. Heart it!

Join the Yogi Tribe today! Follow them here for your daily doze of wellness.


Happy reading 🙂


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