The Flawless Skin Regimen from #Biotique

//The Flawless Skin Regimen from #Biotique

The Flawless Skin Regimen from #Biotique

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Today I am reviewing the Flawless Skin Regimen enriched with Morning Nectar for a glowing & even toned skin with visible differences in complexion.

Biotique being one of the well known Ayuvedic skin & hair care brands in India, it has slowly made its way to the consumers heart with great quality & immaculate results. They also have dedicated skin & hair consultants to help you find the best suitable. Apart from these few things, Biotique has various ranges for specific therapies specially curated for common & rare skin/hair issues.

This time they have come up with one of my favorite skin care range now, The Flawless Skin Regimen with Morning Nectar! Have a look at the shots of the products in the regimen & details below –

A little about Morning Nectar & its benefits for skin – 

Nectar is the sweet fluid that flowering plants produce each day, used to sustain ageless beauty. This skin lightening & nourishing lotion is then blended with pure honey, wheatgerm & seaweed. Replaces natural oils & replenishes lost moisture. Softens & brightens skin for a noticeably fairer complexion. Protects skin with UVA & UVB. And helps fights against ageing.

Step 1 – Cleansing 

Bio Morning Nectar – Flawless Skin face Wash (@ Rs 60 for 50 ml)

This product has perhaps replaced all of my face washes & cleansers I have used yet. Wondering why am I boasting it too much? It actually cleans your skin deeply & helps removes white & black heads being mild with every skin type. This has surely improved the texture of my skin and just after washing the face you can feel the difference in elevated natural glow & skin evenness. Its been more than a month for me when I started using it & I am glad I tried it. Even for my mother with very coarse & uneven skin with acne marks was happy to use this product on a daily basis & every time before she walks out of the house.

Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash

Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash

TIP – Always use before applying make up. I saw visible results in skin texture, evenness & it moisturizes skin without drying which helps the make up to stay long without using a primer. Also, it helps improve the skin color/complexion. Try it yourself to see enthralling results! Happy to have tried this one.

Ingredients – Margosa Ext, Wintercherry Root ext, Moong Seed, Honey, Coconut Oil & Ritha Fruit ext are the major ingredients curated in an purely authentic recipe for the flawless regimen.

Usage –  Wake up to moist your face & gently cleanse your face with Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash & rinse. pat day. For the best results use it at least twice or thrice a day. also, when stepping out followed by the other product Bio Morning Sun Screen with 30+ SPF (use before 15-20 mins before).

Step 2 – Scrub

Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Face Scrub (@ Rs 199 for 75 g)

This again is a beautifully curated product for all skin types. Mine being very sensitive & combination to oily skin, I suffer with many allergies & infections whenever I try a new product or make up. If you too are too cautious about skin infections do try out this range without fear. Yes that’s true!

Papaya Scrub

Papaya Scrub

Absolutely in love with the Papaya mask for tan removal. Not only it clears tan but give ravishing & glowing skin. It has a tingling effect on your skin just after the application and that’s when it starts to remove the tanned skin & helps regain the actual skin tone & color. Papaya is a super fruit with many benefits for skin. It exfoliates & clears out toxins, dirt & dead skin cells. With herbs like Neem, the scrub helps in fighting acne, allergies & black heads.

This product is a must to list out & keep while travelling. you can use it even at night to regain the moisture & tan free skin after a harsh day out. Recommended to use twice a week.

Usage – Moist face. Apply evenly a spoonful of the product to cover face & neck. Keep for few minutes. You may experience tingling effect on skin. Rinse well & pat dry.

Major Ingredients – Papaya ext, Kela Ext, Khajur, Neem Bark, Methi as its main ingredients! All organic, all good for skin 🙂

TIP – Make sure you rinse the product well, as this is a super fine muddy textured scrub so it might cling to your skin if you do not rinse well. Advised to moist your palms before you start to rub & then rinse well.

Step 3 – Moisturize

Flawless Skin Lotion (@ Rs 199 for 120ml)

Light & mildly fragrant this skin lotion acts like moisture boost for skin. Specially for all skin types. People with dark or dry patches, combination skin, over perspiration & sweat on face, acne or even break outs, this product gives a refreshing feel & deeply moisturize skin. Light oils maintain the oil balance & does not dry out your face completely. Herbs like Bedha, Methi, Madhu & Ankurit Gehu & Kusumbhi help revive beautiful even skin tone, improves & lightens skin texture & fights germ growth on skin.

Very lightly oiled water base product. Feels great after application. Very soothing & lightening effect.

Ingredients – Bedha, Methi, Madhu & Ankurit Gehu & Kusumbhi extracts are the major ingredients for a soft supple & even toned skin.

Usage – Apply evenly over cleansed face & neck twice a day.

Step 4 – Sun Protect

Bio Morning Nectar 30+ SPF UVA/UVB Sunscreen – Ultra Soothing Face Lotion. (@Rs 199 for 120ml)


Bio Morning Nectar  UVA/UVB Sunscreen With SPF 30+

Bio Morning Nectar UVA/UVB Sunscreen With SPF 30+

If you plan to step out for work or shopping or just a casual day out, make sure to prep your skin to fight harsh sun rays. You can always replace or exchange the Sunscreen for Skin Lotion in the day time. The latter can also be used as an evening or night cream.

I prefer herbal sunscreen for a major reason that the ingredients will not harm your skin after reacting with heat & sun rays nor they block your pores on surface of the skin being herbal in nature. Whereas using highly chemical infused formulations may react to sensitive skin types & can also result in skin infections, allergies, eye infections & even some fatal diseases. 

Ingredients – Ghrit Kumari Pulp, Methi, madhu, Ankurit Gehu Oil, Kusumbhi, Chinai Ghas, Moongphali Oil are the major ingredients. all herbal & 100% ayurvedic recipe.

Usage – Always apply Sunscreen after washing your face in the day time & before at least 20 minutes while stepping out in the sun. Even for cloudy days, make sure that you use sunscreen as there are many harmful rays which are not filtered by clouds.

TIP – Make sure you choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or lesser as higher SPF is harmful (says internet & dermatologists). If you’re not sure that a sunscreen will suit your skin type or not, you can take a lesser SPF & use it on your hands for testing for a few days. 🙂

Overall Experience Using The Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Regimen From Biotique

Flawless Skin Regimen With Morning Nectar

Flawless Skin Regimen With Morning Nectar

Loved the regimen for the best results in a couple of uses only. I have been using these for a month now & extremely delighted to try & recommend. The safety seal make sure that you get absolutely untouched products. Herbal formulations make the skin feel clean & fresh. Also, the fear of reactions vanishes when you have a trusted brand name with 100% ayurvedic recipes vouched. The Price is reasonable for everyone. Best quality deliverable in lesser prices. The quantity may last to at least 3 months if used regularly. For scrub & face wash it depends again on usage individually.

Totally loved the regimen. Must try for all skin types & for the ones looking for clear, even & flawless skin. Strongly recommended.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about the new Flawless Skin Range from Biotique. Also read the Biotique Hair Regrowth Regimen here.

Grab your regimen according to your skin & hair type here –


Happy Reading 🙂


Credits – 

Biotique Products – Flawless Skin care Regimen sent by Biotique India PR.

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