The first date with Love Potion #Oriflame

//The first date with Love Potion #Oriflame

The first date with Love Potion #Oriflame

A short story –

At times I think of drowning myself in serenity. To feel utterly feminine & to indulge in romance the best I can. Yes it is my date, the first one though. I am a teen and so I want every bit of me to be flushing with love. I am not conscious of my shortcomings. I am beautiful & that’s what I want to be at the moment.

A red lipstick, short black lace dress & my Love Potion. It is a secret to an irresistible me. Yes it is.

The Love Potion by Oriflame  (@Rs699 for 250gms)

The cutest round bottle of scented lotion contains the seductive oriental scent with ginger, cocoa blossom and chocolate. Setting the mood for all the sensual awakening he would need when he is closer. No don’t look for anything else but love. It will spread all over your body smoothly. Making it fragrantly supple. Even if you’re at a party before the plan, do not worry. Love Potion¬†will completely excite pure passion making him surrender to you. Its highly concentrated with enticing aroma with airy light satin finish which won’t stain clothes. For the perfumes will fade easily but my Love Potion will cover you all over till the night breaks into dawn ;). Do I need to say more?

Remember to smile. It is the key to his heart.

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Love Potion – Sent by Oriflame India


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