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Just in time for Holi, The color run, immense fun & loads of pollutants for the skin. But never the less we do look forward for this colorful event. A cheat day from your daily care for skin  & hair.


But yes, we do have some beautiful products for before & after preps for HOLI <3 Treating skin deep with Bio Bloom –

Bio Bloom – Facial Scrub gel – @499/- for 75ml


A blend of beautiful organic actives which does wonders to your skin. This is a holy, Paraben free formula. Heals & penetrates for deep cleansing. The scrub micro beads are very mild yet superbly effective. As this is milder on skin, you can use it twice a day. Once before starting the day & next before heading to your beauty sleep.

Consistency & Usage –

The consistency is semi liquid & opaque. It is a watery scrub so you do not need to wet your face before using it. I advise to use your fingers to spread the scrub all over the face evenly & wait for at least 2 minutes for it to soak in a little. Then move your fingers in circular direction (you know where the lymph nodes & glands are). To enhance the blood circulation in your skin & face muscles. This practice will always improve the texture of the skin & usage of the product will be optimum. Specially when its a scrub with natural beads. This product helps remove fine dirt, dead skin & pollutants from the surface of the skin. The texture helps glide your fingers easily for better cleaning & rejuvenating of the cells at the same time.

Ingredients – This heavenly concoction contains bits of Rose, Walnut, Aloe vera, Natural Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5, Lavender & Ylang Ylang.

Fragrance – With all these enchanting ingredients, the fragrance of the scrub is breathtakingly good. Mild, refreshing & pure. It isn’t artificial & so does not give you an allergic notion while using.

Experience – Overall a great product specially if you do sport Paraben free or herbal products for skin care. Definitely recommended for over and again usage on daily basis for great results.

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Bio Bloom – Bath & Scrub Salt @599/- for 75ml

This is by far my favorite from the whole range Bio Bloom has to offer. Why? Very simple & effective. It contains pure essential oils without any Parabens & Petrochemicals.

Consistency – This formula is semi solid & strongly fragrant infused with peppermint.


Usage – 

  1.  A spoonful in your pedicure water.
  2. Shower with the salts dissolved in your bathing water.
  3. Soak in warm water mixed with it in your bathing tub for a distressing session or home spa.
  4. Use as a scrub. Wet the area, use the salt and move in circular motion to remove dirt, excess oils, flakes from dead skin cells accumulation & pollutants. Rinse.

Ingredients & their aroma Therapy-

It contains Epsom & sea salts which is best for distressing you from a long day & peppermint which has many medicinal qualities. Sea buck thorn, lemon extracts, eucalyptus & germanium oil adds in the aroma-therapeutic essence for releasing pain, stress & is useful while PMS as well.

Sea Salts also ionize the water when mixed with a little (spoonful) apple cider vinegar added in it. And due to which the toxins in the body is drained out of the body & accumulates in the water in which you soak your feet or body. It does help calming the nervous and overworked bran giving you a sound sleep.

Fragrance –  The peppermint accentuates the fragrance and makes it stronger while healing your senses & rejuvenating while you breathe in the mix. Just pour some into your warm bathing water and soak in for stress free beauty sleep later.

Experience – My favorite by far. Loved each bit of it. Would order another one soon! This one is never going off my shelf for sure. Love !

Packaging – Both the product comes in a 75ml handy plastic square bottle with a metal top cap which is again travel friendly & mess free. The bottles are good quality & won’t disappoint you in looks. It does no spill even though it has liquidy scrub in it. Very easy to use, the bottle has a wide mouth for people who want to measure salt quantity by spoon. Kept in the room or bathing spaces or spa will elevate the aroma in the vicinity.

Hope you guys check out these two latest launches from Bio Bloom family at the right time for the color run! Do share your experiences with Bio Bloom with me in the comments below. If you do agree with my experience with these, do give us a thumps up & like or share the love!


Will be sharing more on Holi Skin & Hair Care, till then

Happy Reading 🙂

Credits –

Products – Sent by Bio Bloom team

Photography – Rahul Kumar