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Here I am with great new series for all the people who love make up, do not love make up or just want to experiment & try it all!

I am super excited to introduce my sister who is a make up expertise for these series Anu Joshi! 🙂 She is a full time animal lover and a part time makeup enthusiast living in midwestern USA.  She’s willing to try any makeup look at least once, especially if it involves bold colors and lots of glitter 🙂


My make up expert & little sister Anu Joshi, Michigan USA.

As most of you might already notice about me in my posts that I am not a make up lover. Yes, I mean it. I am actually not so familiar with the tips, tricks & hacks for good make up for my face & also because I have very very sensitive eyes & skin, so most of all what I try on my face doesn’t really work for me. So I decided to take help form my expert, Anu!

This particular article we will talk about the basic products & tips for minimal make up and are essential for your daily routine.

Q. I am not a make up lover. What are the products which aren’t too much for everyday use?

A. “If you’re someone who isn’t familiar with makeup and wants to slowly start using more the 5 basic makeup products I would suggest are:  mascara, eyeliner, a lipstick or tinted lip balm, blush and a highlighter. ”

Q.  How do I choose the products if I am not too aware which brands are good?

A. “If you’re unsure of what brands might suit your skin or how to find something that works for you and your skin tone the best advice I can give is to get a sample of the product that you’re interested or by the smallest size available.  A lot of cosmetics companies want you to try out their products and are usually willing to give you a small sample to take home and try.  If you can’t get a sample by the product in the smallest size it comes in.  If all else fails look at product reviews online whether it’s on the brand’s site or even youtube usually you can find several opinions that will help you decide if the product will work for you.”

Q. This was so helpful. So for the basic products which brands would you recommend for a beginner like me :)?

A. “We can start with the two products for Eye Make up here. Because that’s the first thing a person notices when you meet them.

1. Mascara – 

For mascara I would first figure out how you want you eyelashes to look.  Do you want volume, or something to thicken and lengthen?  Also think about what color you want the mascara to be.  If you’re on the fairer side you might want to use a brown mascara instead of black one to get a more natural look and vice versa.  Once you decide what you want out of the product then you can start picking a mascara.  Here are my top 4 picks.

Grey Advertising; Erickson Fina; Cover Girl




2. Eyeliner – 

Eyeliner is great because you can play around with colors or stay within the more traditional browns and blacks.  I would suggest getting a pencil liner, a liquid liner,a gel liner and a liner that you can use in your waterline (I know that sounds like a lot but each one serves a purpose!).  You can go crazy with the options out there and do any color you want but if you’re looking to subtly change up your look I would stick to black, brown, gray, navy, or a deep olive green.  These colors are flattering on everyone and it’s a great way to start enhancing your eyes without going overboard.  Here are my top picks for eyeliners for anyone new to make up.

These liners come in 40 shades and glide on like a dream.  They’re a little price but are definitely worth it.


This a more affordable alternative to the Urban Decay liner and they are great if you don’t like to a pencil sharpener. These liners come both as a pencil form and as a gel eyeliner which is great if you want to get a matching set in a specific color.


If you’re just getting started with liquid eyeliner this one is perfect for you.  The applicator is like a felt tipped pen or marker and is very user friendly.  This product will not budge or move at all while you’re wearing it and it’s easily removed at the end of the day with some lotion.  Definitely one of my favorite liquid liners that’s available.


This eyeliner is perfect for creating a subtle wing or defining your eyes.  I love that it comes with a small applicator brush and that it doesn’t smear or smudge at all during the day.


This hands down is the best eyeliner to use in your waterline.  I haven’t found anything better and I definitely don’t think I will!  I really love this product’s color payoff and how it doesn’t run or smudge.  This is definitely a must have for anyone.”



Guess I am sorted with my queries for the basic eye make up here. I will be trying on a few from these and would review in separate blogs as well.  Stay tuned for more into the series on our experiences with make up!

PS – These series are not sponsored but truly based on personal choices & experiences from Anu & me. We would love to hear from you guys. Do leave your comments & queries in the comments below.

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Expert Advise on Make up – Anu Joshi – Catch her live on INSTAGRAM

Hope you too enjoyed! Happy reading! 🙂