Royal’s Beauty Secret Unvieled – WIKKA #Brand New Story

//Royal’s Beauty Secret Unvieled – WIKKA #Brand New Story

Royal’s Beauty Secret Unvieled – WIKKA #Brand New Story

Hey all,

Here I am with a fresh new BRAND STORY with a beautiful concept.

Introducing, Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, an entrepreneur with a vision of taking us back to our roots & closer to nature. She believes in sustainability & so launched some very simple yet luxurious concoctions for a healthy lifestyle.

The Story of Wikka –

Being married into a family of royal lineage, Rupal was exposed to a life of regal traditions and beauty secrets known only to blue blood. Beauty practices had changed little over the centuries in her household, where simple natural products were used in grooming and maintenance. Regular visits to their family owned Aromatic plantations and Mango Orchards stoked her interest in Aromatherapy leading her to become a qualified Aromatherapist from London.

It was after her deep interest into vivacious aroma plants that she proposed to launch Wikka. The idea was to bring out the royal beauty recipes which were based on completely natural ingredient like oils, herbs and potions to everyone. She believes in preparing “no compromise” formulations for the brand.

Rupal Shabnam Tyagi- Wikka.

Rupal Shabnam Tyagi – Founder for Wikka.

Me – ” Rupal we would love to know more about the brand” Lets start..?

Q – First of all, we know Wikka is an aromatic beauty brand. What are the key products & how can they help us revive our quest for organic beauty?

A – There is a lot of research that goes in formulating each product. All my experience of practical aromatherapy and the daily need for a wellness routine for people are thought of. Stress, pollution and other environmental factors take a toll on your body. Our mantra is that you should give time for your body to heal from all these factors. A daily rejuvenation dose is essential for your body to heal and bounce back to its original self. That is what we provide by offering Natural, Premium Wellness products for your skin, hair, body and mind to heal and recover.

Q – Talking about organic beauty products & luxury of aromatic therapy, what is the price range of the products?

A – Our products are priced between Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 which is very affordable for one and all. 🙂

Q – Talking of luxury & organic beauty brand like Wikka, is it only for a specific society band? Or for everyone?

A – Its never too early to start a healthy routine and nothing can beat a wellness habit. Wikka can be introduced by mothers to their children through our Kids range of products made purely on the principles of aromatherapy. Businesswomen, corporate girls and housewives are our primary target audience who would need these products as they are exposed to pollution the most!

Q – Being an aromatic beauty brand, we also are keen to know if this is eco friendly?

A – The essence of Wikka is Natural and Pure. We ensure that no harsh chemicals are used in our products and our ingredients are either Natural or derived from Natural sources. The packaging is made in craft paper which is bio degradable, recyclable, and is environment friendly.

Q – Unique selling Proposition.

A – Wikka literally translates to pure magic. Sensing the need for products that are not chemically altered or infused with harmful additives, we have crafted a whole line of Wikka Potions. These natural wellness products are pure magic for the mind, body and soul. Wikka ensures that the healing powers of essential oils and extracts are harnessed to the maximum. These products guarantee consistency in Purity and Efficacy.

We at Wikka, with our expertise in aromatherapy, have amalgamated the ancient knowledge and our rich family wisdom with the modern virtues of aromatherapy to constantly evolve and provide the whimsical effect of these potions in your contemporary surroundings.

Q – What is your take on the Aroma therapy practices currently in India ?

A – Just a few years back the market was too immature for aromatherapy. But today it is quite an acceptable field of healing. People who are well traveled today understand the value of natural healing which is world class.

Mrs Rupal Tyagi for WIKKA - Taking a walk in her aromatic plantations!

Mrs Rupal Tyagi for WIKKA – Taking a walk in her aromatic plantations!

Q – How can a daily dose of aroma, help us in building healthy environment & body?

A – Aromatherapy should be a habit. it encourages healthy cell renewal which helps in keeping the system in good shape. The only side effect with essential oils is anti aging. Once the essential oils enter the body , it circulates and reaches different systems of our body and imparts healing benefit to it and when it exits the body it does not leave behind any toxins.

Q – Option of online consultation on website?

Well, we had planned to do so but have not been promoting it yet.

Talking to Mrs Rupal & not getting a consultation will be a sin, so I decided to take some notes for myself 🙂

Q – My skin issues includes minor allergies when my skin is exposed to sunlight & even make up. For hair, I suffer with hair fall due to treatments & harsh chemicals used for coloring & itchy scalp. What would you suggest for me? 🙂

A – Cider Vinegar is a great ingredient & is a must for healthy skin. It also prevents the bacterial growths on skin, safeguarding it from pollutants & dust. With this major ingredient, I would also suggest some of the products from my range & the regimen is like –

 – Cleanse with Cider Vinegar

 – Basil & Walnut Scrub

 – Honey Avocado face Pack

 – Followed by Beauty Potion

 – Body butter – for full body coverage

 – Hair Nourish

Apart from being an entrepreneur, she is absolutely delightful person to meet & interview. Her humbleness & simple recipes will take you to basics, rooted deep into ancient practices for attaining beauty you always dreamt of.

I will be following the regimen sent to me by her from WIKKA essentials & shall be showing my results to you very soon.

If you would want to checkout the beautiful aromatic products before my review, do check them out here



Stay tuned for my reviews on my consultation with Rupal & more into the products!

Happy reading! 🙂


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