#PeeSafe Sanitation Essentials For Everyone!

//#PeeSafe Sanitation Essentials For Everyone!

#PeeSafe Sanitation Essentials For Everyone!

Who won the world?? Girls!

Yes that’s true. We are in the middle of 2016 & think far beyond future. And in the competition of the unknowing discrimination between genders, we as girls still struggle through many issues publicly & personally.

One of the major inconveniences we face is hygiene issues. Everywhere. at office, while travel, public toilets, hotels. And all of these places are unavoidable. I was lucky to have been sent a pack of PEESAFE from SafetyCart which vanished all my fears of getting UTI’s or other infections for working in a mixed place. The two major multi utility products are Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer & Pee Safe Wet Wipes with anti bacterial properties.

Here’s a quick review of the products –

Pee Safe Anti Bacterial wipes & Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer Spray.

Pee Safe Anti Bacterial wipes & Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer Spray.

Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray – 75 ml @150/-

A multi utility product & perhaps the best one I came across. This is undoubtedly the very essential product for everyday usage & also at office & while travel.

Major Benefits –

– Its for everyone, women, men & children.

– 99.9% protection against germs.

– Removes Foul Odor as it is enriched with real mint essence for fragrance. Also to note here that mint keeps bugs & bacteria away, which is indeed the best ingredient for the sanitizer.

– Works extremely fast. Volatilizes in less than 5 seconds leaving no harmful residue.

– Can also be sprayed on door knobs, toilet handles & flush handles.

– Very effective & useful while travelling in public transport or even when using a new toilet elsewhere.

– Also an essential at home. Yes, the internet says that even if you’re cleaning the toilets everyday or after every use, women can suffer from Urinary Infections as they do use common toilets at home as men.

– Not only women but men too need sanitation tools as they are the outgoers & tend to ignore on the cleanliness of the toilets they use. Results can be harmful infections, skin allergies & even serious or fatal diseases.

– If you have teenage kids at home, you should definitely need to hand the spray to them and they can use it each time they are using the toilets at school or elsewhere. Remember not to give these to kids below 10-12 years as they might intake or inhale it which could be hazardous.

Ingredients – IPA, Fragrance, Propellant (Butane, Iso butane & Propane)

Usage – Spray it on the toilet seat from a distance of 25 cms & wait for 5 seconds to evaporate.

Can Be used for – Toilet seats. toilet tops, flush, door knobs, faucets.

My Experience – Its a great product to be carried anywhere you go. The bottle is a fuss free sprayer top metal can. Does not spill. It comes in two options 75ml (Rs 150/-) & 40ml (Rs 99/-). I use it it everyday for office toilets & home. Has helped me keep up in keeping healthy & hygienic conditions away from harmful germs. Also tried & tested by my father for his frequent travel to outer field areas of the city & public toilet use. Definitely a must for all genders & age groups to maintain their sanitary habits. A necessity product 5/5. Never ignore!

Another very useful product by PEESAFE is Multi Use Wet Wipes. Like many other wet wipes available in the market this one comes in a travel friendly & keep sake front flap open with 10 pcs (@ Rs 60/-) of Alcohol free wipes. These are suitable to be used for skin & surfaces both making them germ free!

Here are a few quick reads on the infections & diseases which can spread by using public/dirty toilets.

Common Toilet Diseases

Infections that spread by using dirty toilets

I hope you enjoyed this much needed information & brief on sanitation essentials by PEESAFE. I strongly recommend these products for your wellness. Lets join the cleanliness gang today! Do check out their website for more below –


Be clean, be safe & don’t forget to share your views on PEESAFE with us!

Happy reading! 🙂

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