My Lokai – Hope, life and aspiration.

//My Lokai – Hope, life and aspiration.

My Lokai – Hope, life and aspiration.

A symbol of balance

Today on another beautiful and sunny weekend I present to you a brand new story from New York.

This is not just a brand or business story but it is indeed an inspiration to all the people, giving them hope, aspiration and key to balance the ups and downs in life. There are times when we are confident of our personality and contrarily there are times when we feel low on spirit.

This brand story  has emerged from the personal experiences by Steven Izen.

The Brand –

The story of lokai began during Steven Izen’s freshman year in college. Sitting on a beach with his family and friends, Steven thought about how fortunate he was to be there. Just a few days earlier he had learned the difficult news that his grandfather, lovingly known to him as “Papa,” had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The experience of such joy and sadness so close together got him to thinking: life is circular, and throughout your highest highs and lowest lows, it’s important to always remain balanced. The lokai bracelet is Steven’s way of sharing that message with the world – a constant, wearable reminder to lead a balanced life,staying humble through the highs and hopeful through the lows.

The Sand from the DEAD SEA – Purpose and Symbolism –



The Black Bead – Stay Hopeful
Sitting directly opposite its white counterpart, the black bead holds mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, signifying the difficult moments you experience throughout life. Even through life’s lowest moments, stay hopeful.


The White Bead – Stay Humble


The white bead containing water from the Everest.

Carrying water from Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth, the white bead represents life’s highest moments. Sourced by Sherpas who are native to the landmark, the water is injected into the white ball.It’s those times when you’re feeling on top of the world, that it’s most important to stay humble.The Clear Beads – Keep Moving

The clear silicone beads represent that everyone has their own story. While life has its highs and lows, every point in-between is just as meaningful – these points make up the fabric of your own story. The clear beads remind us that clarity is key in times of joy
and sadness.

Giving Back to humanity
10% of net profits will be dedicated to giving back to the community through a variety of charitable alliances.

Giving back to Nature

100% eco-friendly silicone with SGS certificate.


The Dead Sea lies 423 meters (1,388 ft) below sea level between the countries of Israel
and Jordan. The name is derived from its lack of sea-life due to its incredibly high
salinity of 33.7% (this is ten times the level of the oceans!). Although its mud is famous
for its many health and beauty benefits, lokai values the mud, not for its practical uses,
but rather because it originates from the lowest point on earth.




Mt Everest, highest point on Earth.


Yep, it really is water from Mount Everest and not just from the kitchen sink. Located
in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, Everest towers 8,848 meters (29,029 ft) above
sea level and takes six to nine weeks to climb. With the help of sherpas, lokai brings
Everest’s water from the highest mountain on earth right to your wrist!




Steven Izen – Founder of Lokai.


Following in the steps of his father and grandfather, Steven has been an entrepreneur
from the start. “It runs in my blood,” he says. “I was always following my dad to his
office, asking questions and just watching what he did.”

A recent graduate from Cornell University, Steven is breaking ground as he prepares to
launch his newest business venture – lokai.

Inspired by the heartbreaking news of his grandfather’s sudden Alzheimer’s diagnosis,
coupled with the stark contrast of the many fortunes life had provided him, Steven
struggled with the seeming imbalance of it all. How could some parts of his life feel so
aligned while others were so broken?

Contemplating life’s ups and downs, he felt newly aware of how circular life can be –
that with highs, come lows, and how important it is to remain balanced throughout.
It was this awareness and his grandfather’s memory that drove him to create lokai.
Drawn to the Earth itself and its natural sensibility of highs and lows, Steven set out to
bring this sense of balance into a physical form.

“Whether it was buying memoriabilia and writing the dates and events on them, or
always taking pictures – subconsciously I have always tried to turn my emotions and
memory into tangible items that I can hold onto forever.”

Thus, the idea for lokai began with a simple paper and pencil drawing. Steven’s father
reminded him that great ideas require proper execution, and he sought to bring the idea
to life.

Simple to the eye, lokai is much more than just an accessory for your wrist. Carrying
elements sourced from Mt. Everest and The Dead Sea, respectively the highest and
lowest points on Earth, lokai encourages wearers to lead a balanced life, staying
humble through the highs and hopeful through the lows.


Founder of lokai


Steven Izen – Founder Of Lokai.


Here is Steven Izen Exclusive – Founder and CEO of lokai

First job
In high school, his passion for woodworking led him to develop a custom wooden pen
If he didn’t live in New York, he’d be
Somewhere near the beach.
His proudest accomplishments are
1) Getting into Cornell University and running on the varsity track team.
2) Creating lokai and see it evolve into what it is now.
He is inspired by
People that do great things and push the limits
Someone  you admire
My dad. He’s an entrepreneur too. He’s great at what he does and an extremely cool
guy (I steal his clothes all the time). To top it off, he’s very supportive of everything I do.
Constantly on his iPod
Audiobooks – I love listening to them when I’m walking to work or taking the train.
Usually biographies about people who started an influential company – Blake Mycoskie
(TOMS Shoes), Howard Schultz (Starbucks), Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Steve
Jobs (Apple), etc.
Refrigerator essentials
Frost Blue (Glacier Freeze) and Orange Gatorade, leftover wings from the night before
(usually buffalo and honey mustard), and photography film.
Three things you never leave home without
My lokai, cell phone…and a smile.
One person you’d love to meet
Jay-Z. I’m inspired by how he was able to create a successful enterprise and empire
from nothing.
Guilty pleasure
Eating sushi, especially spicy tuna maki. I could eat sushi every meal, every day.

Global Testimonials 

This small little idea is creating a rage not onlu in NYC but all over the world. This is  an amazingly thoughtful idea of gifting and showing your love. This is not just a silicone ball bracelet but a message of being humble and hopeful to the world. In the chaotic noises this is a symbol of peace and calmness for mind, body and soul.

Here are a few pictures from a few of the many followers and believers of lokai.

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Picture credit to Lokai Followers 🙂

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Join the never ending circle of hope, joy and aspiration in life. Happy reading!

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