Monsoon favorites for the vivacious you! #Oriflame – Tips,Reviews,New Launches & Swatches

//Monsoon favorites for the vivacious you! #Oriflame – Tips,Reviews,New Launches & Swatches

Monsoon favorites for the vivacious you! #Oriflame – Tips,Reviews,New Launches & Swatches

Hey guys,

Its been a while that I have posted quick look a weekend getaway. Here is another exciting, soft & subtle look for a feminine & delicately vivacious you!

1. Face –

BB Cream – or Blemish Balms (origin). Wondering why do you need a BB Cream for monsoons with SPF? Its cloudy & the sun isn’t directly affecting or tanning our skin right? Not true. Make sure to apply BB Cream with at least & utmost SPF of 30. This too has a reason as the polluted rain water & the harmful sun rays affects your skin in monsoon too. Yes, There are very harmful rays still in contact with your skin even if its raining. Also, SPF 30 is the right SPF for maintaining a balanced & healthy skin, refraining it from getting damaged by sun. Higher SPF can harm the skin (says dermatologists & internet).

– It does not require double layering of the product or different product over it as it gives you even toned skin in single application with airbrush effect if used with a sponge blender.

– It helps fighting blemishes & dry patches. It also works as a moisturizer & you do not need a layer of the same under it. Choose the right shade according to your skin tone & you are good to go without looking cakey or overdone for the fresh & monsoonic look.

– It can stay up for as long as 12 hours (tried on my skin) & can be used by all skin types, off-course the patch test is a mandate.

– Can stay up with drizzling without fading. Heavy rains still can be survived in cases if you are not directly in contact with it.

– It gives a matte finish on face. Hence people who like the wet or dewy look can add a little highlighter over it for all the drama.

Buy the one I used here – from Oriflame – The One BB Cream with SPF 30 at Rs 749/- for 30g. 

DSC06192 copy

One of the best BB creams I ever tried. Must try. 4/5. Great matte finish with full coverage in one layer. Enriched with SPF 30, it blends on skin like a pro make up base! yay!

DSC06195 copy

Comes in two shades –

1.Light Beige – For Pink & fairer skin tones. (Left Swatch)

2.Medium Beige – For yellowish & pale skin tones. (right swatch) I use this one as I have a pale yellowish tone for my skin.

 2. LIPS – 

Exfoliate Quickly – Prep your lips well with a natural scrub. Mix honey or olive oil with sugar & pinch of salt. Rub onto lips after it dries a little. It exfoliates your lips & preps it for a natural pink tint on them. Recommended before you head out for the vacay! You can also use it for face. Do not add salt when applying on face.

Lip Color – Out of the three shades I tried form Oriflame Pure Color Intense Lipsticks priced at Rs 199 for 2.5g. I loved Warm Fuchsia (Swatched below) Very rich and soft color application. Can be applied twice for deeper color. Does not dry or crease lips. Stays for 2-3 hours. Cannot survive full meals but snacks & drinks to an extent, which is great for it price. You have many vibrant choices from the range & you can pick up handful as these are very reasonably priced for your weekend vacation!

DSC06157 copy

Wearing Warm Fuchsia on Lips & The One BB Cream in Medium.

More Shades from the range – 


Daring Berry, Rich Red & Warm Fuchsia – Swatches on skin in disperse light.

3. Eyes – 

The One Gel eyeliner pencil @499 for 0.5g. Comes with a mini sharpener at the back. Tried using it but it seems to be just for the sake. Use a proper eye pencil sharpener instead. Great stay for over 12+ hours even in sweat/moist or wet face. Can stay in rainy days as well. Well pigmented & does not itch my eyes being a gel liner. Glide on & very easy to use. Rating – 4/5.

DSC06169 copy

DSC06173 copy

The One Wonderlash Mascara (@549 for 8ml) with Voluminizing brush to enhance & give volume to the lashes! Used it on a rainy day stayed till night without removing. Gives much volume to eyes & do not feel sticky or glued. Also, its waterproof which adds to its quality. Loved it. Rating – 5/5.

DSC06175 copy

DSC06178 copy


The Look with Oriflame for my Monsoon Weekend Getaway! 

DSC06130 copy

Look – The One Gel Pencil Liner, The One Wonderlash Mascara, Warm Fuchsia Pure Intense Lipstick & BB Cream with SPF 30.

4. Fragrance –Tenderly Promise @1999 for 50ml

The tender fragrance of White Lillies will camouflages with your silhouette & curves for a sensational and fresh budding romance in the vicinity. Loved the purple heart crystal bottle. A must have for your special vacations, even on the sunniest days. It shall overlap your body as a mist and spreads femininity in the air. My monsoon favorite.

DSC06126 copy

DSC06204 copy

DSC06201 copy


All you need this monsoon! 

All you need this Monsoon!

All you need this Monsoon!

Hope you guys would love to try my favorites for the monsoon weekend! Do share your favorites below!

Happy weekend 🙂

 Credits –

Products – Sent by Oriflame

Romper – StealNoire

Hair, Make Up & Photography – urkillerangel team

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