Magic Scents for the perfect Valentine’s mood!

//Magic Scents for the perfect Valentine’s mood!

Magic Scents for the perfect Valentine’s mood!

Hey all,

This Valentines is a special one! Yes its another year of togetherness & yet a fresh start. It is both joyous and sensuous. To live and forget the past, to forgive & love with all your heart. Being compassionate to each & all, to love with a dwelling heart. This is for a true woman. The one who is fierce, feminine, sporty & chic! Who endures everything & reflects light. the light of care & true love. Here are some of my favorite Valentine Fragrances from Oriflame to help my ladies with their special day to dawn dates!

The Soft Spring morning date With Vivacity @1999 for 50ml –

Vivacity by Oriflame

For the sake of powdery love in the air, this scent is the perfect match to your flowy dress & blushing cheeks. Vibrant and full of joy, Vivacity Eau de Toilette is the essence of the spontaneous, free-spirited woman. Sparkling pink grapefruit, delicate orange blossom and sensual vetiver mingle beautifully, filling you with exhilaration and delight.Beautiful heavy glass bottle About Vivacity Every moment is bliss. Enjoy life’s unexpected moments and live passionately, spirited and carefree. Apt for the perfect breakfast or brunch with your loved one. Teasing him with your supreme femininity and lovely vibrance. Enhancing the beauty by its enchanting notes, it is indeed a magic spell. Do not miss out on this, most essential part of your being. Your own dreamy fragrance.

The tear drop ombre black & red bottle of love -The Love Potion @2699/- for 50ml


The erotic accents of this perfume seeps in your nerve points for the special mate to experience your presence. The deep notes of oriental scent with ginger, cocoa blossom and chocolate which succumb to an irresistible awakening to the pleasures of the body. The purest of seduction draws the attention and leaves a long lasting impression on the wearer.

Loved this scent and found it perfectly amalgamating with your soft skin. Can be used directly over skin and leaves no stains on clothes. The best one for the subtle nightly fragrance will win hearts of one and all. Be you, be beautiful in your shape,in your mood to conquer him. A great one for Valentine’s this year! Take control and rule him. To the guys, this is the hint for your expression of the desirous love and passion towards her.

Possess Eu De Parfum @2559/- for 50ml


Timeless, sparkling yet intensely seductive, Possess Eau de Parfum embodies the provocative allure of Cleopatra, whose legendary powers of seduction brought Mark Antony to his knees. Laced with intoxicatingly tempting notes of ylang ylang, this sexy, irresistible fragrance leaves no one indifferent as it casts a hypnotic spell of attraction.

The snake encircling the neck of the bottle truly signifies the embodiment of the scent over your skin. Its a strong, woody and loud fragrance asking for attention. It does work for more than 4 hours. A great one to accompany you for the big V day party out!

Tips – 

  • Do not rub your wrists after you apply perfume. It will destroy the top notes.
  • Wear it on your skin folds for it to last really long 😉 Like your thigh folds, behind the knees, cleavage, armpits, elbow folds & little in your hair.
  • Try keeping a tester bottle of the same fragrance in your purse for quick touch up.
  • Make sure to not to use too much of spray mint after food, it can overpower the fragrance.
  • If you perspire a lot while dancing, try put a deodorant roll on/stick or sweat pads and then apply the perfume.

I hope this helps you for your lovely day to dawn dates weather its brunch, candle light dinner or your party out! Do share your Valentine fragrance with me in the comments below! I will be sharing more on dress up, make up & accessories for Valentines. Stay tuned to this space.

Till then, happy reading 🙂

Scents sent by – Oriflame India

Behind the Lens – Kultejan Singh

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