“Luxe living” King size – With Anupam & Yogesh

//“Luxe living” King size – With Anupam & Yogesh

“Luxe living” King size – With Anupam & Yogesh

Hello all,

Here I am with another brand new story with a young entrepreneur duo Anupam & Yogesh. They both are the partner directors of Magus designs. Okay the first question would be how did I happen to meet them? Well I love interviewing and catching up with all the creative people who take the road less traveled & making their own brand, their mark as entrepreneurs!

In search of  of another pick for BRAND NEW STORY I found Magus Designs. the pioneers in luxury furniture manufacturing. Firstly I could not believe I was in one on one interview with the founder & the managing director ( Yogesh & Anupam respectively) themselves. They both are extremely humble yet professional.

So Here I was. Stared my interview with their life at a glance with Yogesh & Anupam one by one –

Life at a Glance.

Yogesh –

Being a commerce graduate I always had this inclination towards having a business of my own. Only at the age of 19 years I started working for my own venture in food industry. This business indeed did not produce expected outcomes & hence I decided to move out of the same & take up a full time job.

Never knew this was an opportunity in disguise. The job gave me immense confidence & market knowledge for luxury furniture business. I met national as well as international clients which in turn are good friends in trade now. After being in the same for 3 years, I planned my way to my own business. And just then I found Magus.

Anupam –

I studied Business from Australia and came back to India with a foresight for opening a studio for luxury furniture.I too did gain an experience for 3 years in the same trade to know a little more insight in Indian business to be specific. Having an expertise in exports I also wanted to try my hands in retail in India.

The inclination towards photography has made explore things inside out. this is a reason for my design aesthetics being strong. We are a team of business + creativity together. The drive comes from creating solution for safe guarding keepsake collectibles or collections which are pride possession for their owners. There on I started thinking of creative solutions for these. I came up with watch cases for multiple watches, jewelry boxes including rings, necklaces and one of the most popular product in Magus – “The Mini Bar”.

Brand Story- An Insight.

Anupam has a love for leather & design aesthetics and Yogesh had a hold over the Indian market. There it was meeting of the two always dynamic workaholics & just then the idea of starting up Magus came up. Very soon they started their business of luxury fashion furniture manufacturing and named it Magus Designs.

Magus is a new name in the industry yet they have made a mark for themselves with an immense growth in business figures. They have a strong resourcing experience travelling from Kolkata to Jalandhar and Noida to Chennai. Covering almost the whole of India for best leather resourcing and craftsmen.

Magus Designs have been furnishing the leading five star restaurants & super luxury retail outlets in Mumbai & all over India. The list includes The laughing Cavalier in Malad Mumbai, Gianis En Vogue in Kolkata , Suzan Khan Mumbai, The Great eastern Home Mumbai.

I am pretty sure they are much ahead of many entrepreneurs in the same industry!So soon so good.

Products – 

Magus & its pioneers have a forte in leather. Hence they make sure its the best quality and they do furnish the same. None of their affluent customers have a hitch in paying in gold for such luxury.They use genuine leather for all leather products including textured ones with amazing International finishes.

Talking of products, I need to mention the most popular ones The mini bar, textured leather side table and my personal favorite “the coffee table trunk” ( in the featured image) I could not put my eyes off it. This is a trunk table. Finished with finesse.  The articles are made of finest quality leather & casted metal trims to ensure they last for generations together. Now that is very is impressive.



Bar set with counter. Amazingly crafted with leather and metal trims.



Alluring side table counter in Grey leather & SS finished trims. Classy & elegant choice.


Rich & niche. A made to order bar.


Infrastructure – 

Magus has a foundry & warehouse of its own. All the metal corners  & other trims for all the cushy leather furniture are hand casted. Magus foundry makes each casted corner to bolts & locks. Apart from these they specialize in Stainless steel finish trims too.


Leather corners with Stainless Steel surface finish.


Warehouse is comprised of over 60 craftsmen and 25 distinct vendors. All the couches, chairs, bar counters, mini bars, trunks, coffee tables, side tables and other 150 articles which are crafted with love in genuine leather by extremely talented and experienced craftsmen having over 15 years of experience.



Hand crafting done by experienced craftsmen.


They also own a showroom comprising of sample showcases and their exclusive pieces. The most exciting part is their idea of building a wall decor with numerous leather patches all together!

The duo has hand picked each RM from all over India and some special qualities are also imported from leading international leather companies.

They will soon have their international launch of Magus Official Website for a sneak peek into the world of living life king size.They are also planning up to open stores in metro cities by next year and are working rigorously to make a mark in retail luxury as well.

Talking of Prices – 

Yogesh and Anupam always wanted to make luxury accessible. This motivated them to become the first end manufacturing unit so they can work well on the prices being affordable to the new age luxe loving people. They are focussed on making these available to the people at reasonable prices starting from just 25,000 for an article. I was shocked to see immaculately crafted pieces at this price. The trunks, bars and other heavier articles may also reach up to 500,000 a piece as well.

Also, they pay attention to detail and finish.Nothing goes ex factory before it passes quality tests from the experts. Each piece is hand crafted. Wow, these pieces are alluring and they do generate employment to the craftsmen which were otherwise neglected. Great deal indeed. Magus is the End to End manufacturer and supplier, hence the prices are reasonable for such magnificent furniture & collectible cases.

Unique Selling Proposition – 

At Magus the design & quality are not the only two factors which may attract you to the products but there are two other factors –

1. Customization – 

At Magus, the experts working in the warehouse spends a lot of time in understanding the customer needs and purpose of buying the articles.They would take an insight of the interest, choice of colors,textures and even trim selection to be specific to the customer. These are in true sense ” made to order ” pieces.

Not only in leather finished mini bars and coffee trunks, but the miniatures like watch & jewelry cases are well customized. These fabulous pieces are made to gift your loved ones to preserve their collectibles.They can have the names of the receiver engraved as well. this would surely come as a surprise to them.

2. Strong resourcing – 

The duo specializes in leather. Hence they have collected huge variety of leather options from all over India & abroad to choose from. They have worked on many unconventional leather articles. The duo loves experimenting with varieties of textured Stainless Steel panels, brass and leather off course. The combination furniture can be made to order as well. SO there you have all the elements to make you feel special contributing in your luxury fantasies.

 I am taking home with me this amazingly crafted trunk coffee table very soon. I so have my eyes on it. And you can order yours right away. below are the details. Luxury is just a call away!!

Contact them for bulk orders or customized pieces here –

E mail – 



Contact Direct – 9982240824 & 9828822244

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