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As all my close friends know, I am always confused what to wear as I have many events to cater & travel & also to attend many a meetings! Off course I don’t want people to know if I have repeated any of my outfits within the week or my shoes.

Outfits, still have options to mix and match with one pair from another and also you can quickly accessorize them to look different for various occasions respectively. Shoes! OMG, that a last moment thought. They don’t change, you cant accessorize them nor you can change the color! Not forgetting to mention these are expensive so you just cant wear them for once and throw them in your closet for another month!

Guess I found the solution. Fuchsia.com. I found the perfect pair of shoes that change! Yes they do. These are easy to change & pair up with your outfit themes.

Have a look of how I styles up mine for three different looks!

The Pre Christmas cum holiday house party!

IMG_0470 copy

Cropped blouse with Pleated Crepe pants paired with Fuchsia flats. White studded ones were apt for this look.


IMG_0457 copy

Stone studded flats. Yes please!


IMG_0451 copy

Details. Check out the hooks these make it easy to detach the straps & change to another.


The Coffee break meeting at noon. 

IMG_0506 copy

A causal look for coffee or tea break meet ups!


IMG_0497 copy

The vibrant colors of the beaded strap option is apt for any bohemian or casual look. It is also good for travelling as these are very comfortable, handcrafted & have a boho feel.


 Okay, I have to travel, but in style. 

IMG_0538 copy

The travelers choice! A cotton boho jumpsuit tiara & trimmed leather bag with beaded flats. For people who love crafts, this is it! All things are genuine craft pieces.


IMG_0539 copy

Details – Tiara


IMG_0591 copy

The boho look – On the go. Paired up with my Topshop bag & Fuchsia flats & cotton dabu jumpsuit.


Apart from the looks & quality I also loved a unique feature which attracted me to buy these, sustainable fashion.

We are so in line with fast fashion that we forget to even use the products we buy most times. Being into the fashion industry myself, I prefer something which takes less energy, less storage, less time with good quality & durability as far as shoes are concerned. Because I am always travelling or running into meetings after one another. This concept of interchangeable footwear is compatible with the new age lifestyle with the idea that it promotes sustainable fashion.

I am so in love with these that I have decided to share my looks for the interchangeable heels very soon for the corporate looks & after parties.

Hope you guys have enjoyed the ways I styled my Fuchsia flats!

Grab yours too from FUCHSIA.com

PS – each pair comes with three different options! Great deal.One sole three looks. yay! Isnt it all what you were looking for?

You have great options available online & also can design for Fuchsia! Check out their amazing web store now!

Credits –

Shoes – Fuchsia

Clothing  – StealNoire.com – Bohemian Soul Collection

Bag – TopShop

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Merry Christmas & happy holiday greetings to all. 🙂

Have a great year ahead.

Much love xx