LeEco / Le 1s – Review for Working Professionals

///LeEco / Le 1s – Review for Working Professionals

LeEco / Le 1s – Review for Working Professionals

Hey all,

Here I am with my experience with Le 1s from Le Eco priced at 10,999 (India). Just like another Global brands trying their hands in Indian market, Le Eco also has launched but with style. they have launched the LE series with great looks & functionality.

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Processor & features  –

– All metal body with sleek design & glass finish.

– ANDROID 5.0 Lollipop. With extended EUI for customizable features.

– TYPE C USB for super-fast charging.

– 13 MP Rear camera.

– Battery life – 13 hours with multi tasking & games on.

– Reversible USB cable for the charger.

– Mirror finish fingerprint sensor at the rear, also used for clicking selfies.

– Powerful 2.2GHz Mediatec HELIO x 10 processor & 3GM RAM.

– 32 GB internal storage. Sadly without an external storage slot.

– 5.5 inches screen with LED display. Clear, crisp & functionally fast.

–  Good speaker quality. Very crisp sound & great beat. It doesn’t seem to be distorted even when on loud speaker.

– Notepad has some good features like stick notes to desktop, share as text with pictures. Could not find the PDF option here which could have been very handy for corporate use. You can also set reminders for notes! This is absolutely helpful.

Shortcomings –

– Doesn’t come with an option for using the screen one handed. Or shrink screen.

– Lesser inbuilt apps.

– No headphones/accessory comes with the gadget.

– Average camera quality. Nothing extraordinary for photographers interest or for special purposes. Pictures could be used for personal use or social apps like Facebook upload etc but nothing in High Resolution. Lighting is a major crunch here. Devise does not give great pictures with Dim or low light areas.

– Battery is average for 13 hours which is good for a normal day use. For travel,fast charging comes to rescue.

– You cannot use any other charging device as it has a unique port. In case you lose the charger on the go, you are at emergency!**

– No content guide for remote control.

– Most third party apps don’t work with this gadget.

– No call/message block option available till now.

– Much needed MS Office or at least a feature enabling – adding a chart/ excel chart to notepad and working.

IMG_9927 copy

Unique features offering great custom setting options for users. Specially for working professionals/people into business –  

1. Per App Permissions

– Auto Launch for apps. Enable only whats important. 5STARS!



– App Permission Management – Restrict apps from accessing your pictures or other data which you would not like to share or have the apps access to. 5STARS!

– Control Center – You can customize the settings and options for the app switcher screen. 2STARS!


2. Do Not Disturb Feature – Have different modes to mute one or more callers or also put it onto Good night mode for specific time. Also, can put on & off your phone at exact timing specified by you! 5STARS!


3. Notification – Restrict apps to send you notifications when you are on data connection or if you do not wish to receive any notifications at all.

4. Finger Print – Great feature. Specially for people who carry a lot of corporate data, documents & pictures in their phone. 5STARS!

5. Print Services – Much Needed! 3STARS!

6. Multi Email Accounts – Yes! Finally we can have access to more than two email accounts at one time. 5STARS!


More Screen Shares –

Home Display ScreenClarity & Screen Resolution (Screenshot without any edit/guard over screen)Screenshot_2016-04-28-15-02-05

1. Home Screen, 2. Clarity Screen Resolution (Screenshot without any edit/guard over screen), 3. Remote Control.

Available on all major online & retail stores.

Its design has impressed many & it looks almost like an iPhone in hand. never the less, the processor & features are the best in terms of value for money. This is by far the best budget buy for all major reasons. Great for travel & business as well. Overall a rating of 3.5 STARS.

Do share your reviews in the comment box below.


Credits – 

Device – LETV team

Photography – Rajan Singh


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