Le Bikini – From the GODS to Us

//Le Bikini – From the GODS to Us

Le Bikini – From the GODS to Us

Hello all, this weekend i bring to you one of the most revolutionary ideas introduced in clothing industry or so called Fashion industry in early 1940’s. Okay that’s not all, it age as early as 100 BC.


Circa – 100 AD. Statue of Venus with Goddess wearing bikini & almost the first ever thong.

Yes that is true or almost true as we see the statue of Venus depicts a Goddess wearing a bikini, and likely the first thong. It is fashion forward or an early example of art censorship.This age back to 100 AD in Circa. Confirms the revolutionary magazine Esquire.

Also, from 300 AD in Circa, “Artwork” dating to the Diocletianic era portrays women in a garment similar to the bikini, possibly an ancient sports bra, while competing in athletic events.

Image of the "bikini girls" mosaic at the Piazza Armerina in Sic

Roman Artifacts aging back to 300 AD. Athletic women wearing bikini.

Bikini was formally introduced in 1946, Western Europeans joyously greeted the first war-free summer in years, and French designers came up with fashions to match the liberated mood of the people. Two French designers, Jacques Heim and Louis Reard, developed competing prototypes of the bikini. Heim called his the “atom” and advertised it as “the world’s smallest bathing suit.” Reard’s swimsuit, which was basically a bra top and two inverted triangles of cloth connected by string, was in fact significantly smaller. Made out of a scant 30 inches of fabric, Reard promoted his creation as “smaller than the world’s smallest bathing suit.” Reard called his creation the bikini, named after the Bikini Atoll.



Reard with his controversial invention BIKINI.

In planning the debut of his new swimsuit, Reard had trouble finding a professional model who would deign to wear the scandalously skimpy two-piece. So he turned to Micheline Bernardini, an exotic dancer at the Casino de Paris, who had no qualms about appearing nearly nude in public. As an allusion to the headlines that he knew his swimsuit would generate, he printed newspaper type across the suit that Bernardini modeled on July 5 at the Piscine Molitor. The bikini was a hit, especially among men, and Bernardini received some 50,000 fan letters.

Micheline Bernardini, 1946.

Micheline Bernardini, 1946.

One more thing which added to this controversy was French women welcomed the design but the Catholic church, some media, and a majority of the public initially thought the design was risqué or even scandalous. Contestants in the first Miss World beauty pageant wore them in 1951, but the bikini was then banned from the competition.

Ava Gardner, Hollywood California, 1941.

Ava Gardner, Hollywood, Calif., 1941.

From this I can conclude that Men were the major role players in the invention, banning and lovers of bikini.. That means it was a man who officially introduced BIKINI, it was a man who banned BIKINI and it was man who was loving the BIKINI. All right we think women are controversial, not really! Men have always had opinions about what a woman is wearing and her appearance should be socially acceptable in a so called sophisticated (man made)society. Who has given them the right to decide on anyone else except themselves?

Well this is just one of the many examples where I found that men always have issues with the garments worn by women in public and their behavior.

Bikini came to INDIA – (Bolloywood).

Bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore appeared in a bikini in the movie An Evening In Paris (1967),a film mostly remembered for the first bikini appearance of an Indian actress. She also posed in a bikini for the glossy Filmfare magazine.The costume shocked the conservative Indian audience, but it also set a trend of bikini-clad actresses.


The controversial Sharmila Tagore wearing the bikini.

 From then on this was carry forwarded by actresses and the niche Indian family girls. This was opposed and then gradually accepted by the very cocooned commoners of India. Till date it is not as popular and usual to wear a bikini on Indian beaches. In fact the most popular beaches in Goa is under the controversy of banning the bikini on Goan beaches by the respective government.

The Modern Bikini or Swimwear Trends –

Not getting into a controversial debate, the modern bikini is far to advanced version of a garment not made only for the purpose of showing of long legs or to look taller or to gain attention of the press and fan mails. It has to do a lot about the functionality as a swimwear. A lot of research and hard work by International designers is going into making it a comfortable, skin friendly, water resistant and giving it extraordinary features to a two piece or one piece bikini.

The new age lingerie shops which are making the best and most famous bikinis are from Victoria Secret & Malia Mills. I did work with Malia Mills two years down the line and found the amount of craftivity and creativity goes into each detail and its execution in the garment, making it immaculately beautiful & extremely comfortable to the wearer. Newest of the inventions in fabrics and  fiber level has brought about a drastic change in bikini business.



This dynamic bikini business is ever fluctuating and renovating. Ladies enjoy wearing it at public beaches and feel free willed, independent and confident wearing it. Coming from a conservative family myself, I do see a change in strongest of the opinions in due course of time.

This was BIKINI which has brought  a massive change in mentality as a whole specially at the places where beaches are located in India & abroad. The mentality to accept the changing trends and has developed a broader vision of acceptance of garments worn by ladies in public.

Decency & Bikini –

Again this word is an antonym of bikini in India and many parts of the world. Once a taboo, now in 2014, the bikini is often called as swim wear. Also, the models are striving to get assignments for a good swim wear brand. Some of the most famous bikini models say that they feel extremely sensuous, sexy, confident and a statement code wearing bikinis.

Right, well I believe all the ladies do feel confident when they look good or gain attention and bikini gives a sure short of that.

So cheers to bikini. Yes in India too 🙂

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Happy beach wear weekend 😉

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