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Today I introduce to you Australia’s favorite, most gorgeous & young 23 year old fitness trainer, Kayla Itsines. Just before a few months I came across the Instagram account for her. After following  her for three days I became a fan of hers. All the pictures from her workout schedule to the client results from the 12 week bikini body guides & boot camp were stunning & flamboyant.

The surprising factor to me was that when I tried to contact her for my own fitness inquiries she was so generous to reply the solutions back in person. In-spite of her extremely busy schedule she spares time to motivate women by her thoughts, sharing client’s success stories & their overcoming their illness through her fitness program & achieving the lost confidence back in their life.


Kayla Itsines – Fabulous Bikini Body Trainer

She gets a lot of her followers thanking her for the online training guides which is easily made available on her website as e book (electronic book). These guides can be used sitting at home & will also guide in the substitutes for workout equipment. These guides are handy, easy to use & follow.

Here is my one to one conversation with her about her goals, clients & healthy living tips exclusively from Kayla for urkillerangel.com.

What does a typical day in the life of Kayla Itsines look like? 

I am not hugely different from the normal person I guess. I wake up at 5:30am to train my gorgeous girls at boot camp, go home, eat breakfast and take Ace, my Siberian Husky, for a walk. I’d then spend my day creating blogs, talking to my millions of AMAZING instagram followers and working out before I got ready to train the night time session at boot camp. I come home, have dinner with my partner, Tobi and relax with a nice big mug of peppermint tea 🙂


What are your favorite exercises?

To be totally honest I don’t have a specific favorite – I have a small group of favorites. These include skipping, ab exercises on a decline bench and challenging jump exercises such as tall box jumps.

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Kayla Itsines -  Australia's No 1 Fitness trainer.  On the BLOG.

Kayla Itsines –
Australia’s No 1 Fitness trainer. On the BLOG.

What is your recommended workout frequency?

Workout frequency is heavily dependent on what your goals are. It needs to be understood that someone trying to lose weight will have different requirements to someone who is just maintaining. Typically, I find 3 days of resistance training per week to be enough for a broad range of people.

What is your biggest tip?

Consistency. Set yourself achievable goals that can be obtained with a realistic lifestyle. Stick to that and you won’t go through the ups and downs. People who go too hard, too early, can sometimes end up further backward from where they started.

Why is your program different than other fitness programs? 

My training program has a large focus on being able to fit a high intensity workout into your busy daily schedule. The main aim is to burn as much fat as possible in as little time as possible without sacrificing quality of training. Science-based concepts were applied to my particular style of training and my clients were starting to get some outcomes they had been wanting! This was to feel lean but strong and most importantly feel confident within themselves.


The Bikini Body Guide

The three weekly resistance workouts in my BIkini Body Training Guide are twenty eight minutes long, require minimal equipment and can be used by almost all fitness levels. Outside of these resistance sessions there is a comprehensive week-by-week cardio guide that breaks down different types of cardio, how they all work together and why they work. I thought that the science behind my guide was almost more important than the program so I made sure I incorporated it inside the books with a quite extensive education section. I found that it was important that my clients were understanding in as much detail as possible the training that they were undertaking in my guide.


Results – 12 week bikini body guide.

How much water do you drink?

This will change depending on how much exercise I undertake each day. I would probably consume about 2 litres per day. This would increase when I do a big resistance training as I make sure that I am hydrated before and that I replace any lost fluids from my workout to ensure that I do not become dehydrated.

What style of workout do you recommend?

I stand quite strongly beside the fact that no single style of resistance training or cardio is perfect. When I train both myself and my clients I like to include various styles of exercise ranging from body weight, high resistance, plyometric, LISS (low intensity steady state) and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

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High Intensity Interval Training.

Why do you believe that it’s important to have a range of exercises in your training program?

By incorporating multiple styles of training for women it is possible to streamline their results and get the end result sooner, easier and of course maintain it. I find maintenance is sometime the most difficult phase, so when creating a program it is good to make it sustainable.

Thanks Upasana 🙂 Kayla x

Would love to interview more of this most generous lady & an inspiration to millions of women out there. Not only in Australia but in other countries she is spreading awareness & importance of being healthy. Being in shape with the best of exercises, nutrition & guidance is what she believes in.

I truly adore her for this.

Do visit her website https://www.kaylaitsines.com/ for your personal guide to 12 week bikini body program. One stop for fitness, healthy living & nutrition guides.

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