I heart Chillies!

///I heart Chillies!

I heart Chillies!

Looking at the green chilies this morning, I was wondering how similar are we both. Truly & not humorously, these represent my personality. Just like me, these make people rise up their blood pressure,they are hated by many but also loved by millions, they add spice to every one’s life & yes most importantly they can make you cry when they are at power!

We both have an individual personality & characteristics which no one has, May be we are not so healthy for all but still without us the life seems to be tasteless.

We are different but we amalgamate with all odds to prepare a delicious looking recipe. No matter how good are the other ingredients, we have made our mark in what all we do and where ever we are placed. One thing will always be constant in the grace of time and that is our identity. Good or bad, sweet or sour, high or low, we will conquer as an individual personality with our unique taste & behavior.











This was a spicy Sunday morning! Chilies by me.

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