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Hope you guys are doing good in these quenching summers? Not so? well residing in an arid area isn’t too easy for me as well. The ever changing climate often results in hair fall. Not to forget the trendy coloring & chemicals used on them for styling. I was indeed suffering from major hair loss due to heat, recent chemical treatments & coloring. I also had visible dry & split ends and had itchy scalp. 🙁

Suggested by a friend, I tried Biotique Hair Regrowth regimen. She was then using the Biotique – Musk Root Mask, and was much impressed by the same.

These are a few things I was looking for before taking up the regimen –

– Products which can stop hair fall & help regrowth.

– Helps retain the smooth texture for my hair after the coloring session & harsh chemical treatments.

– Travel friendly

– Non sticky or heavy if its an oil based product.

– Price point? Well nothing good comes cheap so I was okay to experiment.

As suggested by the trained executives at a super market, I was suggested, Biotique Hair Regrowth regimen.

For possibly the first time I came across the regimen for hair regrowth as most times only hair fall control regimes are found in the market. It was great to know that all herbal ingredients can help the hair regrowth & treatment of the scalp to the root level.

1. Bhringraj Oil, 2. Kelp Shampoo, 3. Ebony Serum

1. Bhringraj Oil, 2. Kelp Shampoo, 3. Ebony Serum

It includes majorly three products –

1. Bio Bhirngraj Oil (@Rs 159 for 120ml)

– Says it helps in curing Alopecia and other hair loss problems. For me, yes it did help  I started seeing the results in 3days of use. Which is recommendable.

– Suggested pre poo.

– Leave it overnight for best results.

–  Very light weight. You would barely notice your scalp with oil on it.

– Strong yet soothing fragrance. This was expected as these are ayurvedic recipes.

I left it overnight the first time I used it. It was light weight & I could easily leave it over till next morning. I was expecting the soothing anti stress effects as Bhringraj Oil is best known for the same. But it was not the best one of the similar I tried. Cost is affordable & so can be tried.

Overall – 3/5

2. Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo (@Rs 155 for 200ml)

– Light weight shampoo.

– Feels cool on scalp. Refreshing aroma.

– Contains Neem & more very rare herbs great for hair regrowth.

– Use it night after you apply the oil. It gave my hair a great shine. The scalp was clean. Not usual but extraordinarily. It really helped my scalp feel fresh & clean. Each strand of hair was non sticky. (I have very oily scalp) I am not sure if it will be good for people having dry scalp.

– It also gave a smooth texture to hair & you can see new strands budding just after a couple of weeks.

Overall – 5/5

3. Bio Mountain Ebony Serum (@Rs 185 for 120 ml)

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– Very light weight.

– Refreshing aroma & volatilizes super soon once applied.You can feel the cooling effect of the herbs on the scalp.

– Suggested after shampooing. The packaging instructions suggests, you can apply & right after the application you can stylize your hair & are good to go. I suggest you use it after shampoo & leave it for at least 30 minutes for it to seep in completely onto the scalp.

Overall – 4/5

I suggest – 

1. A conditioner or deep conditioning mask  – should be added to the specific range so after the shampoo which makes the scalp very clean yet DRY, the conditioner would help retain the moisture in it not making it oily. Also, for color treated hair, its very essential to use a deep conditioning mask for dry strands. For chemical treatments like hair straightening, again regrowth treatment is needed because there’s a lot of exposure to harsh chemicals & pollution with heat, damaging your hair completely. Sweat is another issue. Here conditioning/moisturizing always helps.

 2. Plastic packaging. This seems to be a turn off. As we know already that herbal products are best kept in glass. I was expecting glass bottles instead. But the current packaging is travel friendly & needs less maintenance. 🙂

Overall Regimen – A must try for falling hair problems & itchy or oily scalp!! Claims 97% of clinically tested hair regrowth.

Visible results in less hair fall & budding new hair strands in just a couple of weeks.

 Rating –  4 /5

Hope you enjoyed the review & do check out more with BIOTIQUE website according to your problem type!


Happy reading 🙂