DO NOT IGNORE these Make Up Essentials for #Summers with #Oriflame

//DO NOT IGNORE these Make Up Essentials for #Summers with #Oriflame

DO NOT IGNORE these Make Up Essentials for #Summers with #Oriflame

Hey all,

Here I bring a quick check list for your summer make up essentials which are usually ignored. Not just for your day outs or shopping sessions but these are saviors for night time fun too!

1. Cheek & Body Bronzer – 

Illumination is the age right now. Do not hitch to experiment with light shimmer on cheek bones, shoulders & collar bones! At night, use these as a highlighter on your front thighs as well. They look amazingly gorgeous with short dresses & hot pants.

**Check out the review & usage for my favorite bronzer here.

2. Pinks, peach or nude glosses, matte or satin lip colors – 

DSC05428 copy


Yes we know the nudes are “in” but we cant ignore the reds of our teenage. Yes the PINKS & PEACHES. these will give a vibrant & fresh hue to your otherwise pale nude make up. Use some ” tone on tone “glitter as a topping over the lipsticks & even for eye shadows.

**Here is my pick Summer Very Fuchsia Gloss Review for you.

3. Love Nature Cleansing Wet wipes with Tea Tree Extracts – 

DSC05911 copyfinal

The most essential one. With all the tropical heat, humidity & sweat, you would definitely cannot go out wearing your layers of make up. Solution wear very light compact best matte for your skin tone. (BB Creams & liquid foundations are not recommended as they are heavy most of the times. Only for few girls who have very dry skin can pull it for a day long in heat with make up over it).Layer it with very little shimmer dust for highlight.

Using a natural tea tree infused wet wipe for cleansing your face make up is the best solution. It has antibacterial properties washing away the sweat & germs. It refreshes the skin and coats it with moisture. Can be used for wiping the make up without  using harsh chemical cleansers. You don’t need a toner separately after using.

Price – Rs 399/- for 25 wipes.

My review/rating – 5/5 for I did not see any allergies popping up on my face after use. I strictly do not use wet wipes as they tend to give me allergies & inflammation on skin and eyes. Thumps up to this one! Loved it.

4. Nail Growth Booster & Top Coat – 

The base/Top Coat & The Gowth Buster Serum with granules.

The base/Top Coat & The Growth Booster Serum with granules.

In this quenching summer heat we tend to ignore some very essential regimens. Like taking care & reviving our nails & palms. Use a quick manicure kit. Give your nail paints a break & use Growth Booster for few days all day applying thrice a day. Always make sure to wear an under & top coat to protect your nails from pigmentation which occurs when using brightly hued nail enamels very often or all the time.

**Check out the Growth Booster & Top Coat Usage & Review here.

5. Perfumed body moisturizer.

DSC05925 copy1

You surely do not want to smell like a pig when you’re with your girls or lazing around with your partner in afternoons. Lets solve this very quickly for you lazyies. Use a perfumed body moisturizer either. If you are too occupied or often forget to get your perfume on, every day or even if you want to but you are allergic to them. Use a non greasy, no mess moisturizer for summer. Essentially water based for oily & combination skin. It keeps your skin hydrated as for its moisturizing properties. It keeps you fresh & your skin feels smooth. Its lightly fragrant so you can smell fresh day to night. And yes not to forget, in your special moments, you need not to look for a perfume or worry for your body odor any more.

Check my Review & usage soon on Love Potion Body Cream.

6. Pastel shades of eye liner.

Liners yes you heard me right. Choose your favorite waterproof eye liner in pastel colors & pep up with some glitter over it. Don’t be boring this summer with your staples in black, blue & browns. use striking colors in little quantity. Just on the outer blades of the upper & lower lash lines. very little to not bother you in the heat but enough drama for flawless look. **Wink 😉

** Will share my favorites soon.

7. Waterproof Mascara – 

DSC05438 copy

Wondering why am I talking waterproof again & again? yes it hot out there & you will be perspiring. You should, well. To help you manage with all the make up & dressed up look even in summers, you definitely need waterproof mascara according to your needs. Needs, yes, are you looking for length or volume for your lashes? Choose your mascara accordingly. And yes you at least have a BLUE Mascara available from many brands for a little change or else read my review for my favorite black mascara here.  

Hope you try them and share your experiences with me!

These are my personal favorite essentials which are mostly ignored by all. Do include them in your list when you’re visiting your drug store next. I am sure it will make your life much easy!

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