Day To Dawn – A Whisk Affair With #Revlon #PhotoReady!

//Day To Dawn – A Whisk Affair With #Revlon #PhotoReady!

Day To Dawn – A Whisk Affair With #Revlon #PhotoReady!

Hey all,

Here I am with my all new collectibles from Revlon & guess what? I found my best friend for a flawless photo-ready finish even for blissful rainy days! This week after a long break from blog writing, I am sharing a very quick look for the dewy days in monsoons. Which will complete the look from harsh sun kissed light time to vivacious dawns.

Prep the face – Quick tips for preparing your skin for make up. Very useful for people with sensitive skin types. (15-20 mins before)

  1. Face wash with gentle foam wash or organic face wash or mild scrub.
  2. Moisturize with water based moisturizer (for oily to combination skin) & oil based moisturizer (only for very dry skin types or skin with dry patches).
  3. Leave for 2-3 mins for the moisturizer to soak in your skin a little.

Face Make Up – 

I used two very specific & beautiful products for base from Revlon Photo Ready range.

Foundation – Base 1 –  Revlon Photoready Air Brush Effect Make Up in Natural Beige (@ 1100/- for 30ml)

– This time I used one shade darker (Natural Beige) than my skin tone for a sun kissed, dusky look for the day time & sexiest dawns.

– You can combine two shades as well. One for lighter highlighted areas & another for darker contoured areas.

– This foundation does contain micro highlighting particles or shimmer as you may call them, but these are not too prominent. These are the unique photo active particles which gives you a glam & matte look at the same time making you PHOTOREADY!

– I have used this product only for contouring my face & giving it a little dusky look.

– This is enriched with SPF 30 so as to prep your skin & protect it from harsh invisible UV rays on bright sunny or rainy days.

Check the review & details for other shade form the range – 003 SHELL here.

Foundation – Base 2 – Revlon Photoready INSTAFIX stick Make Up (@1325/- for 6.8g) – Medium Beige 

– This is perhaps the best thing happened to my skin. The perfect finish, flawless & crease-less, super matte & great coverage with moisturizing & non drying effect on skin.

– Absolutely astonishing results. I would rather use this one product than anything else as a base for my skin. This is easy to slide on, covers all blemishes, scars, marks or dry patches & even dark circles or under eye bags.

– If you’re a lazy one, this is the only & a must product in your purse. Greatly efficient when travelling or for day long events. Just this one product & you get a perfect make up in seconds.

– Use it as a concealer, all over base foundation or matte highlighter to accentuate the high points like cheeks, jaw line & forehead. Can be easily used for shoulder bones & lower neckline. Multi purpose yet easiest to use & keep.

– Lasts for hours without fading & dripping or smudging with moisture or sweat!!


*LOVE* this product to moon & back! After using many global brands for make up I am totally a fan of this one. A multi purpose Foundation Stick with superb finish & feels bare on skin.

Have a look at the close ups we shot using the PHOTOREADY base make up below at 2 pm on a rainy day!

IMG_20160803_180643 copy

Photoready Foundation in Natural Beige & INSTAFIX stick in Medium Beige for coverage near eyes, dry patches & highlighted areas.


IMG_20160803_180722 copy

See the details for the Mascara, highlighter & lipstick shades/brands in the end.

 Eye make Up – 

Revlon has some enchanting hues for your every day eyes, meet ups or parties & night time! I chose & combined these two darker shades generally worn at night for a dramatic bold look but I have used these for a sweet, pastel & flirty feminine day time make up for eyes.

1. Revlon ColorStay Shadow Links 170 Gunmetal – This is a pure gunmetal shade. For those still confused, its a metallic darker grey with shimmer. Can be used on the high points/as highlighter for the eyes.

Shadowlinks -  1. 170 Gunmetal 2. 120 Eggplant

Shadowlinks – 1. 170 Gunmetal 2. 120 Eggplant

2. Revlon ColorStay Shadow Links 120 Eggplant – Purple or dark mauve shade again not matte but with a hint of shimmer. You can also combine black matte on outer finishes for night time make up with these two shimmery shades inside.

Price – 210 for each ShadowLink

USP – Great coverage, true color on skin & yes you can now create your own palette as I did. Attach your favorite shadow-links side by side to create your curated palettes. No fuss for un-liked or un-usable colors in your palette. Does not harm sensitive eyes. At least for me, it dint even felt if I wore make up! Love Love Love these..

3. Revlon COLORSTAY One Stroke Defining Eyeliner in Bleackest Black. Click here for details, review & pictures.

IMG_20160803_180704 copy

Shadow-Links – Inner Eye Gunmetal 170, Outer shadow – Eggplant 120 & Revlon Instafix stick as concealer, Revlon one stroke eye liner pencil.


IMG_20160803_181310 copy

The super sexy dewy & dusky look for dawn after 4 hours of the first shots were taken. Yes the below were taken t 6-30 pm on a rainy evening! With all the moist air & drizzling it stayed up till then & even later. Strongly recommend products from REVLON! Great on staying power, great finish & globally favorite. So in love with the finish, coverage & no make up feel for my extremely sensitive skin too.

IMG_20160803_181638 copy


IMG_20160803_181631 copy


IMG_20160803_181626 copy


IMG_20160803_181623 copy


Products (Clockwise) -  1. Instafix Stick Foundation Make Up 2. PhotoReady Foundation in Natural Beige 3. Photoready Foundation in Shell 4. Shadowlinks a)Gunmetal b)Eggplant 5. Colorstay Eye Liner Pencil

Products (Clockwise) –
1. Instafix Stick Foundation Make Up 2. PhotoReady Foundation in Natural Beige 3. Photoready Foundation in Shell 4. Shadowlinks a)Gunmetal b)Eggplant 5. Colorstay Eye Liner Pencil

Not even a bit of my make up faded all this while in 4 hours. And absolutely no skin or eye infections.

To all the people reading this post, please note that these products are not only great with the variety of shades & vivid ranges but is also a responsible brand to trust for your skin.

TIP – It is an important aspect which is misled most of the time for lesser prices offered to customers by many leading brands. Try before you put any new brand /make up & choose wisely 🙂

PS – If I recommend any product very strongly, please note that it is based solely on my experience with the product & unbiased review for the same irrespective of the brand sponsoring the post or not.

Hope you enjoyed the look & the quick fix tips! Do share your views in the comments below!

Happy reading! 🙂

Credits – 

REVLON Make Up & Shadows – Products sent by Revlon India PR team. Find these products on any leading lifestyle or beauty store near you or order online.

Highlighter – BECCA USA in Opal Shade

Lipstick – Lakme 9 to 5 range in Pink Bureau

Mascara – L’Oreal Paris Volume Million lashes in Extra Black (Not Water Proof though it sustained drizzling & moist air.

Dress – Limited Edition Stripe Affair Backless Maxi by StealNoire Studio

Photography – urkillerangel team (pictures are not edited on skin/texture or color saturation for the true color visibility for the readers. Taken in disperse natural light.

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