The Art Capital of Gujarat – PART2 – SHRUJAN – Insight with Ami Shroff

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Hey all,

I am here with an insight from the art capital of India GUJARAT. here with a very special personal interview with AMI SHROFF the director of SHRUJAN. An initiative embracing the rare crafts & their craftsmen. Nurturing them with love & the undying spirit to keep the crafts alive in India. Giving them an […]

Contd – Major Ventures Of Shrujan with Ami Shroff

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Continuing with more information in LLDC & Craft Museum, an initiative of a kind by Shrujan.

From Ami Shroff (Director).

The genesis of Living and Learning Design Center (LLDC)



LLDC begins where Shrujan leaves off. While Shrujan is aimed at providing a platform for artisans to earn a livelihood, LLDC has a larger agenda, that of ‘Preserving […]

Le Bikini – From the GODS to Us

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Hello all, this weekend i bring to you one of the most revolutionary ideas introduced in clothing industry or so called Fashion industry in early 1940’s. Okay that’s not all, it age as early as 100 BC.

Circa – 100 AD. Statue of Venus with Goddess wearing bikini & almost the first ever thong.
Yes that is […]

Art Insight of Ethic Capital – Gujarat

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Hello all,
Sorry for posting in late today. It was mainly because I was so engraved into finding out more about crafts of India.
Here is a throwback in 2011. This was the first time I ever explored a whole state just to know more about the art & culture of that state.
The journey started from Calico […]


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Dear fashion students and all the fashion enthusiast people reading this article, here is the segment 2 of the BLACK – research & documentation.


Tamil Costumes & details –

One of the major points we decided on was Tanglish garments. Right so here I decided to read a little about Tamil costumes, saw a couple […]

BLACK – Fashion Research Documentation – Concept & Methodology

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Fashion Research  –

Method One – When you want to make your brand depict your own personality

Design brief given by college  – read each point which can gain you points.

Brain Mapping – The formal name for your initiative to know yourself & hence to map your brand characteristics & finally get onto a conclusion […]