BROWN BOY – The Brand story of Prateek Kayan

//BROWN BOY – The Brand story of Prateek Kayan

BROWN BOY – The Brand story of Prateek Kayan

Hello all,

hope you all had a blast this week as it was the biggest festive week of the year.So after the whole lot of celebration and dancing night outs I am here to share another inspirational and out of the box brand story. yes this is the online brand store for the street style tees and accessories. From making a mark for itself from Calcutta to Mumbai and Bangalore to Delhi it has covered the whole of India with its t- shirts. These tees becoming a rage in youngsters especially bloggers. the reason, very simple these are very edgy, minimal yet are a statement in itself.

When I first ordered mine I came to know that its a men’s wear tee brand and was surprised to know even then it is extremely popular amongst girls as well. Listing a few pieces creating a rage are THE NEW YORK TEE, BATMAN ARMY, BIRD PRINT TEE.

Getting deeper into the brand I interviewed Mr Prateek Kayan who is the founder of the brand BROWN BOY. Here is an insight in the brand, its values, uniqueness and the achievements in his first ever interview exclusively for


Q – Please tell us about your Life at a Glance.

Very simple I would say. I studied in a boarding school then started working when I was 18. I have always been a creative person. Anyone who knows me can vouch for that. I was academic and sincere. This totally made every teacher in school simply adore me. I didn’t have much of a university life. It was more of work – home study – work. I don’t know anyone who went to university with me.

Exploring New York was always in my list, so that became my next destination. After working there in a boring banking firm for a while I was aimed to start Brown Boy.

 Q – Any hobbies apart from being creative? 

I love to travel and I do it in an absolutely crazy way. Mostly backpacking alone. I enjoy running and horse polo besides cooking, shopping and waking up really early in the morning.

Q – Career Inspiration or the people you admire for being different or a definite work pattern they follow in business?

I don’t know about inspiration but if you ask me about someone whom I admire then I would say anybody. Many times we meet people and hear their stories that make you wanna say “wow…that’s inspirational” I admire and get inspired by them. Honesty, passion, hard-work, ethics, modesty, commitment amongst a few make a person admirable. “Passionate people will always be risk takers and entrepreneurs are passionate.” I really admire that passion and the excitement which people have and the energy to create something. This good energy and vibe absolutely energizes the environment.

 Q – You think you face challenges everyday? or if you have faced any in the making of the brand?How do manage to motivate yourself and get going?

Well we all have our story and we all face challenges each day. Brown Boy does give a lot of calmness for sure. Even amidst of all the craziness and 24*7 work schedule there is a certain peace that I find. This keeps me moving and makes me passionate about everything. Every order every single feedback (Every feedback has been fantastic…genuinely) gives this surge of excitement.

Recent pictures of Arjun Kapoor wearing BB Tees!

Recent pictures of Arjun Kapoor wearing BB Tees!

Recent pictures of Arjun Kapoor wearing Brown Boy.Click on the picture to follow them on IG for more!

Prateek shared a few pictures where in recently Bollywood actors Arjun Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan were spotted in Brown Boy tees!


New York tee. #Love

New York tee. #Love

The NEW YORK TEE – my favorite (Click on the picture to shop).

Q – Please share your brand inspiration with us.

Brown Boy brings a new and exciting approach to menswear in India. I am inspired by high-street fashion and contemporary clothing. Brown Boy is exactly what was missing in your wardrobe. Style and Quality.

Well there are a  lot of factors here –

 – love for good design,

 – interest in street-style fashion,

 – lack of innovation in the high-street fashion particularly for men and

 – the age-old problem of “I have nothing nice to wear” finally pushed me to start Brown Boy.

I must say that ” My personal style and design sensibility has a strong influence on my work.”

Q – What is the story behind the brand name BROWN BOY?

Its funny how I came up with the name Brown Boy. Actually Brown and Boy were part of two different names I had scribbled on my notebook and fate bought them together! They happened to be sitting right next to each other. It was a match made in heaven 🙂 Everything fell in place post that.

Q – Did you face any monetary or failures during the launch of the brand or after.

I left my job in the US and returned to India to start Brown Boy. I started working when I was 18. It started by selling paintings to interning at accounting firms to a coveted Banking Job in New York. So whatever I managed to save over these years is what I used to start Brown Boy. There was a time when I didn’t have money to do a photoshoot. That’s when I crowdfunded. Brown Boy is the 1st Fashion Brand in India to crowdfund.

Q – What kind of a set up or infrastructure you started with and how has it evolved since then? 

We have a beautiful studio that acts as our design center and warehouse as well. Everything is made in-house and I have an amazing team of skilled craftsmen who beautifully craft these amazing products.

 Q – Talking of products in brief – 




Organic – Eco Friendly – Street style – what else you need? Awesome creations! (Click on the picture to shop now).

The products are casual, chic or subtle in nature etc.

To start with we have  –




(Only brand in India that handcrafts organic Bow-Ties)

We plan to evolve into a holistic apparel brand in the few coming seasons.

Our design aesthetics make us stand unique. Its very stylish without being over the top and cliché. Moreover we like to keep it easy and have a very global style aesthetic.

Q – Price range?

Just Rs 690 on-wards 🙂

Q – Any specific requirement or quality equipment taken care of while manufacturing of the products e.g if these are eco friendly?

Practicing Fair Trade isn't a cake walk.

Practicing Fair Trade isn’t a cake walk.

Practicing Fair trade isn’t a cake walk. Click on the picture to know more about the Fair trade policy in Brown boy.

We produce absolutely brilliant quality products. Our apparel can match up to any high-end brand in terms of quality design and technicality. We aim to create a global brand and hence we match those quality standards. Moreover everything is organic and fair-trade plus everyday we are moving closer to becoming completely eco-friendly.

Q – Now we arrive to the big marketing question – what is Brown Boy’s Unique Selling Proposition?

Brown Boy in totality is unique. Our styling, products, and the fact that we are 100% Organic and Fair-Trade adds to that. Our curated model and limited approach also makes us more desirable. We have some fantastic celebrities wearing our products and that too adds to the brand value.

Q – Lastly how to order?

Orders can be placed online at our web-store that is We would as for now like to exclusively online.

Well I took a little longer than was promised to him for this interview. But I am thankful to him to spare time and share his brand story which is indeed very inspirational and will surely motivate creative people to become entrepreneurs. is not only an online store but a dream of an individual brand identity coming true and making its mark in such a small span. From celebrities to style bloggers everyone including me are loving the hand crafted t – shirts and accessories from BROWNBOY.

You too can join the BROWN BOY army by choosing your brownboy tee here

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Happy reading to all 🙂

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