Hello all,

It has been a while since I shared the last blog post. Well here I am with another new exciting category adding to my blogs.

This new category is ” Brands Unknown “.

The difference

Brands Unknown & The Brand New Story sections are absolutely different. While I write an insight interviews of budding brands in India in The Brand New Story section, I introduce less popular International brands in India as Brands Unknown.

Here I will be introducing a few brands from all over the world which are progressing each year in the fashion industry making a bench mark for the other start up brands.In between the giant designer labels like D & G, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel etc which are rooted deep into the industry, creating immaculate couture, these newer  Pret’ line brands are said to be ” doing good”.

A few of these have also showed up in recent most International Fashion Shows as well.

These brands are freshly brewed with young talent and essence of creativity. Their consistent efforts are helping the brand grow in all aspects. These are not necessarily very new brands yet they have new vision towards fashion and glamour.These brands have been established in the last few decades and are now amongst the distinguished names.

Why mentioning these brands here? 

This is to popularize these brands in India as well as the rest of the world reading this. Especially, India being a very cultural and traditional country follow its own rules in fashion & not much attention to newer international brands is given by the masses here. Adding to this is non accessibility to the products due to lack of export options to major fashion destinations by these brands. Hence most of the brands go unknown to such countries.

Also, this category may help plan your holiday destinations according to your shopping faves. If you are keen to explore fashion globally,  I will give you an insight for all these fun filled, luxurious & niche brands to shop when you plan to wander across nations.

Attention –  Ill mention if any of the brands are shipping internationally! ola !! you get all what you want at your doorstep.

The first brand we start with is Joie. How to spell it?


” JUH – WA” (French).


I was lucky to have worked with this brand through a Buying house in Delhi during my first job.

About Joie – 

Since its inception in 2001, JOIE has been one of the most sought after contemporary brands catering to the savvy, fashion minded, modern working woman. Understatedly chic, JOIE’s designs are constantly inspired by the Southern California lifestyle and its casual, yet sophisticated way of life. Originally known for its signature cargos, JOIE has emerged as a lifestyle brand, a complete collection of ready to wear and accessories.


The Joie Girl –


A look from Joie SS 15′ collection.


The JOIE aesthetic, both modern and timeless in its appeal, draws its influence from vintage creations while successfully maintaining a fresh approach to fashion. Be it Paris or California, the JOIE girl enjoys wearing casual, comfortable clothes accented by her travels throughout the world. The concept has always been “Casual, Comfortable and Luxurious.” Therefore, each piece that is designed encompasses a balance of these three key elements…one cannot exist without the other.

Joie’s corporate surge –

Spring 2007 marked the introduction of JOIE Shoes, followed by Soft JOIE in Spring 2010 – a collection of luxuriously soft tees, tanks, sweaters and dresses inspired by JOIE’s effortlessly chic aesthetic, and handbags for Fall 2012.


Azria is familiar with accomplishment. Prior to his time at JOIE, Azria partnered with Vince Camuto as CEO and head designer to create VCS footwear (which later became the Camuto Group) where he led the company to outstanding and rapid growth.

In 2004, while enjoying the challenges he faced in design and in management, Azria accepted the offer to purchase a portion of the contemporary line JOIE. With great success, he then became sole owner and Creative Director in 2007.

Alongside the growth of the brick and mortar retail business both domestically and internationally, JOIE launched an e-commerce website in January 2012, extending the boutique experience to the JOIE customer on the digital level. With a long roster of store openings slated for 2013 and more product categories on the horizon, JOIE’s unparalleled growth will only strengthen as it increases the brand’s global reach.

Traveler’s Note –

The JOIE brand holds a strong global presence in prestigious department stores and specialty shops worldwide, as well as free standing JOIE boutiques in New York City on Madison Avenue and in SoHo, Newport Beach’s Fashion Island and on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

My experience working for Joie –

This was the brand I enjoyed working the most. Due to very strict guidelines towards meeting the right quality standards and a close eye to detailing of the garments. weather it is for Joie or Soft both were equally adorable. Each season started and ended with over 100 styles with amazing new silhouettes,soft, cute embellishments and pretty trims.

You too can join the soft and sensuous army of Joie, grab your masterpiece from www.joie.com

PS – they are shipping internationally for over 250 destinations. Accepting payments for the same through bank transfers & Paypal. woohoo!!

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Photos & facts – joie.com