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This week I bring to you a special BRAND NEW STORY from Bangalore. An exclusive interview with ” The Draping Queen” of India, Designer Ritu Pande.

Working with her led me into her workshop & I got a chance to know her personality & design orientation. She is extremely keen on detailing & feminine drapes. She loves purity in colors & fabrics. She is herself very patient & calm and this is depicted in her color palette as well. All subtle, easy, comfortable & slip on silks with breathtaking drapes. Yes its the label worldwide “Ritu Pande”. Lets have a look into her BRAND STORY.

RITU PANDE – Label – FDCI & more..

A play on textures, colours, patterns and silhouettes to create timeless beauty is the essence of true fashion. RituPande has lived this mantra for over 15 years in changing hues of global trends. Her debut collection in Mumbai in 1998 was the beginning of a journey which has seen her evolve as an Indian designer with a distinct sensibility. Honing her craft by working with eminent fashion designers in Malaysia as well as Indonesia, RituPande combined a Pan-Asian take on design with Indian artistry to create subtly glamorous and unabashedly feminine clothes for the modern woman.

In 2005, RituPande launched her label ‘Ave Verum by RituPande’ in Jakarta, Indonesia. MsInsanaHabibe , the daughter-in-law of Indonesia’s President JusufHabibe hosted the label’s first fashion show. The clientele of Ave Verum were the crème de la crème of Indonesia’s socialites, diplomats and prominent members of the Indian diaspora.

A move to India in 2009 brought about the launch of a new label RITU PANDE. Fluid draping, sophisticated detailing and textured accents mark the range of bridal couture, Indian formal and semi-formal wear as well as stunning cocktail dresses and evening wear.

The RITU PANDE label is a member of the prestigious Fashion Design Council of India which has only 150 members comprising top notch designers from the Indian fashion fraternity. The label has presented its collections at the Wills India Fashion Week –India’s premier fashion event — for seven seasons and has garnered excellent reviews from the press and peers alike.

The label won the ‘Most Creative Collection’ award at the BEYU Fashion Awards 2010 ,Bangalore,India with a jury comprising eminent designer Bibi Russell and India’s premier fashion consultant Prasad Bidapa.

It was among the 15 designer labels handpicked to showcase at the Indian Premier League, the country’s biggest annual cricket extravaganza, for post-match events.

It also happens to be the only Indian label to be invited to participate at the Jewel Fest 2013 by the Gold Council in Singapore .

Her last collection SS15 is here. Have a look –

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Exclusive Interview –  RITU PANDE THE BRAND STORY

Life at glance-

I was a self thought designer. My first collection was in 1999. It was an indo western collection, initially it was casual basis, i used to get orders from friend’s, after the exhibition in 1999 in Bombay people started approaching me and I had professional interest after that show.

I started interning at Shanghai with a designer and also worked with designers from China and Malaysia.

In mid 2005 I started my label in Indonesia. That is when I entered the fashion industry; Indonesia is the place I took inspiration on embroideries, laces and fabrics which I still follow. The collection in Indonesia was Dance of the Peacock; it had pure western evening gowns which was very vibrant and colorful.

Career inspiration

Biyan from Indonesia is my inspiration, he is the master of craftsmen, most talented and creative, I got serious after working with him.

Family, friends etc-

I have a 15 year old daughter, and my husband is a banker.

Personal challenges faced if any-

After being married to a man who is mobile, who travels a lot, I had to turn down opportunities because of travelling.

Started with- capital, labor and place-

In Indonesia my capital investment was $5,000, i dint have a workshop , I used to outsource to other designers.

Failure during the launch or after-

Initially when you start first year is always difficult. It’s all about trial and error. You have to tweak it and figure it out.


I have a store & workshop at Bangalore, 11 stores in India. And 15 stores internationally.

20150709_161046 copy 20150709_161334 copy

20150709_160724 copy

The workshop is a disciplined place. Pure fabrics with flamboyant hand embroidery. A class in its own.

Her products are-

Indian line– I have collection of semi formal to bridal wear.


Neha, was a sweet prey for us. She agreed to model for the garments we loved from the collections.

Neha, was a sweet prey for us. She agreed to model for the garments we loved from the collections.

Western line– its fusion wear to semi formal.

DSC04825 1380019_748512998552366_7764572320264613592_n

Price Range – 

Western wear the price range is from rs.5,000 to 20,000, age till 30.

Indian wear price range is from rs. 15,000 to 1,00,000

Age Group catered to – For age 18 onwards to 45.

The price range for bridal depends on the customized design.

Any specific requirement or quality equipment taken care of while manufacturing of products-

She uses pure fabrics. Playing with beautiful drapes & subtle feminine color palette also contributes to the beauty of her garments!

Unique selling proposition-

Her uniqueness are drapes, fluid, her clothes are easy to wear, it is size independent, subtle and sophisticated.

How does your design relates to your character-

It is something what I would love to wear, colors I like, I can breathe naturally, reflects me in the color palette, the drapes and the embroidery.

watch out for an e-store on Facebook very soon.

Amazon India Fashion Week – FDCI SS16 Collection Brief –


1510737_511360239006845_5655569199086608941_n (1)

Sneak Peak – SS16 AIFW – FDCI – Falling Feathers

Season –  Spring Summer.

Year– 2016

Mood – Soft, romantic, gentle, fluid, feminine, trajectory of a feather when it floats on the wind and falls on ground, fluid,lots of drapes, there is no structure and its suitable for women of all body types.

Color Palettes –

1. White, black, grey with a touch of blush rose.


2. Shades of pink and very soft pale green.


Number of garments – 20 Indian and 20 Western.

Research – by visual references, feather embroideries, feather motifs, as we are using it as a purpose of ornamentation.

Collection motifs – Falling Feathers.

Embroidery details – Immaculate use of new and very different kind of sequins and thread work patches.

Inside Her Studio –

While she was on her trip to Europe, she invited me to her Farm Studio in Bangalore. It was a creative and immensely decorated space with minimalism & class apart.


With Neha, Assistant Designer to Ritu Pande Studio, Bangalore. She is a great company & a great manager for the Studio.

The RITU PANDE label currently retails from-

  •  Amara, Creo, Atosa  in Mumbai.
  • Ogaan, Kimaya in New Delhi
  • Studio Saks in Chennai
  • Prana in Kolkata
  • Origins ,Rewania in Hyderabad as well as multiple other stores in India
  • Internationally the label retails from-
  • Mythology, Gnossem in Singapore.
  • Saraf Trading in Riyadh
  • Medusa Tree in Kuwait
  • Dazzle in the USA
  • RituPande Design Studio in London, UK

Ritu is a a favorite of every fashion enthusiast, diva and every lady who is free willed and loves femininity. Reach out for a drape of your persona here –


Credits – crew.

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