BLACK – Fashion Research Documentation – Concept & Methodology

//BLACK – Fashion Research Documentation – Concept & Methodology

BLACK – Fashion Research Documentation – Concept & Methodology


Fashion Research  –

Method One – When you want to make your brand depict your own personality

  1. Design brief given by college  – read each point which can gain you points.

Brain Mapping – The formal name for your initiative to know yourself & hence to map your brand characteristics & finally get onto a conclusion fully justified with your personality.

How to start??

Here is a flow chart of the whole process in brief for people who want to know it in brief.. lol The fashion design students & this might also be foe the people who are enthusiastic about knowing deep into the insight of each designer brand story.


Compliments ;)

Introduction to your research –


Can be though a paragraph or just a picture that depictas the best about the theme in one gesture.

Process –

  1. List all the things that describes no one but you, the things which are unique about you.

–  For this activity, take help of the people you deal with everyday eg. – friends, colleagues, teachers & neighbors. If you want to experiment try asking people whom you always wanted to talk to but did not. Here you might get to know many unknown facts about yourself.


See above picture, here are some of the things which I cant live without or I am obsessed with or the things which describes me the best.

Eg – books with colorful pictures,lingerie,LBD,Perfumes,Eco friendly etc.

Out of these list the ones you like the best about you & which you cannot in any situation deny on.

List just 5 out of 25 or more.

  1. Write down the list of emotions, processes & everything you can think of related to those five things against them. Now pick the one you have written the most about.
  2. After the selection of the thing which explains you the best in character & personality, list out things you can do with it – A few are listed for your reference –

–         I chose Black (LBD)

–         Denim in Black?

–         Forecast Study – If this would be in for the season I want to try out on?

–         Brain Mapping with pictures only.

–         Black around me?

–         Texturing?

–         Combination of fabrics?

–         Techniques?

–         Details?

–         Trims?

–         Fasteners?

–         Size?

–         Gender?

–         Style research?

–         Fabrics for the season?

These points will help us conclude better once decided on the theme. These points will stream line the process but we still need to choose our area of interest in experimentation as well.

Due to time constraints we cannot do P & C for all the points listed above, hence we decide on the area of interest for our easy & stream lined working.

Question around the theme

  1. Choosing your theme – randomly? How correct is it?

–         I was listening to the song Kolaveri Di & found a few things about the song –

–          NON SENSE is IN”

–         Not hard but smart work, works here.

–         Wicked & funny

–         Don’t look back at the past.

–         It is now & will never be repeated

–         A girl with a killer rage.

–         Men surrender to beauty

–         Language – Tamil + English>> Can be my garment details? Like Tanglish clothes!

–         Noir

–        Heart – black?? Right here I found my relation! Yay!


  1. Deciding category?

Wow this is one of the most difficult ones 😉

Not now –



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