Dear fashion students and all the fashion enthusiast people reading this article, here is the segment 2 of the BLACK – research & documentation.


Tamil Costumes & details –

One of the major points we decided on was Tanglish garments. Right so here I decided to read a little about Tamil costumes, saw a couple of movies as well. But all of this did not give me any direction.

This little research included –

–         Aristocratic women – covered fully (mostly).

–         Embroidered and of blue color.

Cotton – rich tamilians

–         Resembles smoke

–         Cream of milk

–         Slough of snake.

–         Web of spider – crochet or net fabrics can be used.. etc..

Heavy Silk


Koikakam – folded or draped cloth.

Not so convincing.

Starting from the scratch again,

Kolaveri – closest meaning is “Killer Rage”


Personification is when we personify or give a non living thing a characteristic of human.

Here “KOLAVERI” can be personified as –

–         Naughty

–         Witty

–         Wicked

–         Clever

–         Beautiful

–         Sharp

–         Cunning

–         Irresistible


Thought of these in between –

–         Belts

–         Broaches

–         Hats

–         Feathers

–         Rivets

–         Bows

–         Ribbons

–         Layering

–         Culottes


The above indicated to an evening wear collection???

Take help of books excluding magazines for detail information on fasteners, their use and placement. Also, for accessorisation refer to books with details on hats, rivets etc.


Choosing the Poses –

Referring to books from library always help, even if you are flipping the pages, you find interesting things like different model poses & body language for advertising or promoting respective brand.


Body language & expression are one of the most important part of displaying a garment. If it is not justified it can spoil the whole brand image as well as it may give a reverse message of the respective theme you’re working on.


Presentation skills are not only important but mandatory to showcase an art or artifact. Remember we need to justify each element of our work, it should relate to our own personality and we should be able to co relate the embellishments, the fabrics & the final garments. This should have a Unique quality or characteristic which is distinguishable from the other garments. If we are able to identify that unique factor in ourselves, we will be able to create our brand value. No matter how good or crafted the other brands are your’s will surely be standing out.



Being a color forecaster myself, I think it becomes very obvious that I give this topic immense value.


Types & categories of forecasting –


–         Color

–         Silhouettes

–         Fabrics

–         Tints – shades

–         Trends

–         Textures

–         Surface embellishments

–         Details

–         Prints

–         Yarns

–         Moods

–         Make Up


For a few people reading this article it might be a difficult task to get into all the above points amidst of the work pressure for collections & submissions at school.


Do not worry, we take them in a brief one by one, just going through the below points will help understand and grab it quickly & it will be inculcated automatically into your heads full of chaos.