BIOTIQUE – Winter Care Regimen – Review, Prices & Photos

//BIOTIQUE – Winter Care Regimen – Review, Prices & Photos

BIOTIQUE – Winter Care Regimen – Review, Prices & Photos

Hey all,

Bringing in some fresh and useful product reviews for blushing cheeks & soft body this winter!

This one’s from Biotique. A brand that I trust & love to try each season! I am reviewing the new winter care regimen sent by Biotique experts for flawless, soft & supple skin. A total care for your body, face & even lips.

This range is a concoction of four major products –

  1. Bio Honey Cream – Rejuvenating Body Wash @180 for 190ml
Ingredients, Price & Usage Directions.

Ingredients, Price & Usage Directions.

A 100% soap free formula with a beautiful fragrance for a refreshing all day long soft & supple body. Tried for over a month now, I can proudly recommend Bio Honey Cream Body Wash.

Ingredients – Ashwagandha, Kulanjan, Neem, Madhu, Ritha & Coconut Oil are carefully blended with love in the foothills of Himalayas. It has therapeutic properties & these aren’t cosmetic. 

Usage – Use a plunge on loofah & spread evenly over skin in circular motion for refreshing mornings & blushing exfoliated radiant skin. Rinse well.

My Review – Loved the body wash. Great fragrance relieves stress & helps maintain balanced pH. Loved the smooth texture & soft feel when used with a loofah. Deep cleanses the body & leaves the skin non dry yet moisturized. Definitely a winter essential for flaky, dry or itchy skin. Helps avoid dry patches, rashes & body odor. Loved the product.

  2. Bio Winter Cherry – Rejuvenating Body Moisturizer @180 for 190ml 

Bio Winter Cherry Body Lotion - Ingredients, Price & Usage Directions

Bio Winter Cherry Body Lotion – Ingredients, Price & Usage Directions


Bio Winter Cherry is mild on skin, very deep moisturizing with thick texture. Leaving skin non greasy.

Bio Winter Cherry is mild on skin, very deep moisturizing with thick texture. Leaving skin non greasy.

Ingredients – Surajmukhi, Kusumbhi, Sarson, Badam, Ashwagandha mixed in a thick lotion for rosy skin!

Usage – apply after bathing. Use your finger tips for application & give little pressure while massaging onto the body for a relaxing & energizing effect.

My Review – Seeps in the skin finely leaving no traces of grease or oily texture. Lovely mild fragrance of fresh flowers. The best part about these products are they are extremely handy & travel friendly unlike other herbal products which needs sophisticated handling. Also, the variety of natural fragrances are too sweet & soothes your soul. The blissful concoctions of herbal & therapeutic products are too good for a price that’s very affordable in this new age of brands which are super expensive on the cost of good quality & purity.

Must say, all the skin care products that I have tried so far from Biotique has helped me greatly with regeneration of my lost radiance & natural glow. As a result I am always curious to try out different regimens for every season suggested by their experts!

    3. Bio Saffron Dew – Youthful Nourishing Day Cream @230/- for 50gms – 

Bio Saffron Dew - Youthful Nourishing day Cream

Bio Saffron Dew – Youthful Nourishing day Cream

Saffron is one of the most popular ingredients used for enhancing baby like skin & reducing aging & wrinkles. This product is deeply enriched with Pistachio, Almond & saffron oils with wild turmeric for rejuvenating properties for dry & dead skin cells. It helps repair the damaged skin layers & sustain dewy natural glow even in winters. It is light on skin & is a little oily in base as it contains almond oil, which is a thicker oil extract. It is suggested for all skin types but I strongly recommend this one for dry to combination skin. It nourishes the skin and have light oils to replenish the dryness of skin causing wrinkles & aging. If in case you have very oily skin & do not regularly want to use oil based nourish you can use it as a night repair cream so its never too oily in the day time & you get the nourishment right without any hitch!

Ingredients – Kesar extracts, BanHaldi, Pista & Badam oils.

Usage for Dry/Combination Skin – Use it over cleansed face twice, morning & evening.

Usage for oily skin – You can use it in circular motion after evening cleansing or right before sleeping as an overnight nourishment treatment for skin.

Can we used as an aid for extremely dry hands – I also used this product as a hand nourish because – 1. it has a great yet mild fragrance which lingers all day long & 2. it seeps in and nourishes my hands well for hours in wintry days.

My Review – As I have already shared, I loved the regimen and I have tried using the product for more than just a cold cream or a face cream. You too can use it over dry patches on skin, for dried ankles, elbows etc. It really works wonders! Trust the power of Ayurveda & surely give it a try, it wont let you down.

The smallest yet not the least in action for winters the fourth product is equally helpful.

4. Bio Almond – Overnight Therapy Lip Balm @149/- for 5gms

This product might seem to be a little expensive on the pocket when you compare it with normal balms with petroleum jelly, but this does have the most authentic organically pure & preservative free balm. Its major components are almond, bees wax, Mulethi, Vascha & other light oils. These repair & replenish the moisture & luster of healthy lips.

Usage – Just in time before you hop in for your beauty sleep! 😉

My Review – Not only it prevented chapping of lips by polishing it with natural bees wax but did miraculously helped me regain pink blush over my lips which was lost due to constant tanning & dry skin over them. Supremely rich with natural oils, its effectiveness is unbeatable than any other cosmetic balm or petroleum jelly.

I hope you would like the products too as much I did. Do share your experiences with Biotique Skin care Products with me! To get your hands on the best of skin care, body care & hair care just click here & check with your experts for free –


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Products – Sent by Biotique India

PhotographyKultejan Singh

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