Aromatherapy by WIKKA – Basil Walnut Scrub, Beauty Potion & Hair Nourish Review

//Aromatherapy by WIKKA – Basil Walnut Scrub, Beauty Potion & Hair Nourish Review

Aromatherapy by WIKKA – Basil Walnut Scrub, Beauty Potion & Hair Nourish Review

Hey all,

Today I am bringing to you my reviews for Rupal Tyagi’s Aromatherapy products which she suggested me for my skin & hair issues (check the full story here). Here I am featuring & talking about three of them.

For a daily routine therapy for skin & hair –

1. Basil & Walnut Scrub (@950 for 50ml)

Ingredients –  Aqua, Walnut powder, Avocado oil, EV Olive Oil, Cider Vinegar, Gyserine, Aloe Vera Extracts, Basil extracts as main ingredients among others.

Basil & Walnut Scrub - WIKKA

Application –

Just a tea spoon full to be applied gently over face in upside circular motions. This helps increase the blood circulation & also relaxes the face muscles. Let the scrub rest for a few mins (2-3) on your face for it to seep in properly in the skin.

Walnut is best for natural skin exfoliation & aloe helps rejuvenating the dry damaged skin cells. Basil too has many anti inflammatory properties helping in getting a healthier skin.

Basil & Walnut Scrub - WIKKA

On skin –

– Strong fragrance of basil is prominent. Giving a soothing yet effective aroma.

– While you apply the scrub, you can feel the walnut powder extracts peeling the dead skin off. It is absolutely not a harsh scrub. Little watery unlike a paste.This recipe can be used for uneven & acne prone skin.

– Suggested use id twice per week. But its gentle enough so can be used more than twice as well.

–  Helped removing black & white heads, dead skin & dry patches completely for me.

– You do not need a heavy moisturizer as it does not dry skin completely. The essential oils helps retain the light oils on skin & moisture even after the wash.

– Using it for over 15 days, I have seen visible removal in breakouts, black heads & dead skin.

– The fragrance of basil & other herbs helps you stay fresh & smell really good all day. It has a calm yet effective aroma relaxing & fighting against a stressful day.

Strongly recommended product –  5/5

DSC05937 copy


2. The Beauty Potion (@1500 for 40gms)

This is by far the best beauty product I have ever used on my face!! absolutely in love with this product. Here’s why..

It has a very fresh aroma for a fragrant day. Must say that in-spite of strong aromatic characteristics, these products are very effective & also do wonders on skin. These were non allergic even though I am generally allergic to products with strong fragrance, which is recommendable.

Being Ayurvedic in nature, they have all natural ingredients which do not harm your skin at all.

The beauty potion is enriched with Aloe Vera extract which absorbs deep in the layers of skin, rejuvenating it from root level for an impeccable natural glow. Avocado Oil & other beautifully chosen ingredients help retain your baby skin refraining it from aging, acne, age spots, wrinkles & allergies.



Ingredients – Aloe vera, Avocado Oils, Patchouli & Charmomile German amongst others.

Usage – 

– Only about a pea sized quantity and use your fingertips for application over face, forehead & neck. Spread evenly.

– Best to use after using Basil & Walnut Scrub by Wikka.

Loved about it – 

– It is a non greasy gel like formulation & so keeps you feeling moisturized all day long.

– The aroma does not fade even after 12 hours.

– It has anti aging & skin reviving properties for a younger looking skin.

– Does not grease your face after sweat. Best product for both oily, combination & dry skin styles.

– People allergic to strong fragrances like me will also find these very effective yet non allergic due to its natural ingredients.

– Have a cooling, soothing & calming effect on you.

– Saw visible glow and finer skin texture after using for about 7-8 days. I think it is very effective for uneven skin texture & breakouts as well.

Strongly recommended for all skin types & suffering with any generic skin issues like acne & aging etc – 5/5

DSC05543 copy

3. Hair Nourish (@1150 for 100ml)


A delightful product & a must for every traveler. A non sticky blend of rich essential oils & ingredients for an arousing aroma. Soothing your mind while taking care of your strands. Just a spoon full every night or pre poo would help you retain healthy & glossy hair.

I suffered with oily, itchy scalp & dandruff. Also, I told Mrs Rupal in my consulting session for my problems with frequent headaches. She emphasized on trying out this oil. She also asked me to do a test for a few days if I am allergic to nut oil or not. Surprisingly, it came to me as a blessing for all the above issues. I was not allergic to the oil. And it helped me with controlling headaches & stress.

Yes truly it did. I recommend this Bhringraj Oil very strongly to people with migraine, anxiety & insomnia. It helped me with my hair & all other problems so well. While it nourished my hair leaving it non greasy & not spoiling my garments, it also proved to be a serum. You can use it as pre poo or can style your hair with it. It is absolutely non greasy.

Key Ingredients –  Almond Oil, Grape seed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wheat germ Oil.
Essential Oils: Rosemary, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Globulus, Carrot seed, Lavender, Tea Tree.

Usage – Apply about a table spoon full with help of your finger tips in the roots & scalp. Taking a little quantity to nourish your strands & the dry/split ends evenly. Leave it overnight for best results in hair growth, nourishing & healthy hair. Also very effective with headache & itchy scalp or dandruff.

TIP – Applying before bedtime helped me in getting a sound sleep.

 Overall  – If you have any skin or hair issues & stressful days at work, this is a perfect regimen for you. Even for travel.

Packaging – Its in transparent plastic square bottles with exquisite caps & tiny detailed catalog with ingredients , directions of use & its properties for easy reference before you try the products. Travel friendly. Beautifully designed for the rich feel. You can peep in the bottles & know the texture of the products.

Beautiful natural products for the people who are keen on great quality products for skin & hair care. They are also coming up with new luxury fragrances very soon.

Rating for the regimen tried – 5/5 STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!! In Love with these! 

Do have a look at their website for more into aromatherapy & its benefits. These products are also present at few luxury stores & WIKKA studio in Delhi.

Here are the quick links –


Hope you enjoyed the reviews!! Will be coming up with more of WIKKA products next week.

Till then, happy reading! 🙂

Credits – 

Products – Sent by Mrs Rupal & team for review. ( Reviews based on my experiences with teh products & unbiased.)


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