After Work Party? These are your savior to gorgeous look #Make Up Revolution

//After Work Party? These are your savior to gorgeous look #Make Up Revolution

After Work Party? These are your savior to gorgeous look #Make Up Revolution

Hey all,

Today I bring to you a super quick & easy look for your corporate after work parties. Cocktails, music yet work. Managing it all together with this look and a few tips can help you rock the party even after a long day at work.

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The Dress –

– Choose a dress which complements your skin tone. For after parties, we suggest either maroons, reds or blacks (including greys, navy, mauve etc) which are on the warmer tones or quirky corals & bold blues.

– Be formal in approach after all its a corporate party. Exposing too much skin with high up slits & too short a skirt is a no-no. Cleavage show is prohibited!

– Sheer dresses in nudes are also a good option but not transparent ones.

– Lace & dobby are a great option here.

– You can try peplum tops & straight fit skirts for the typical secretary look in bold lips.

– Choose a dress which is light weight, easy to carry & change. Don’t go for bulky or super delicate gowns.

The LOOK –



– Matte foundation, compact & yes concealer for quick fix to baggy or tired eyes & marks if any  – any suitable brand could be used.


Naked Chocolate palette from make Up Revolution India (@Rs 1550)

IMG_9884 copy

– 16 beautiful shades of nudes for perfect brown smoke, brown natural & brown dramatic eyes.

– Comes in a very cute Chocolate packing.

– Full mirror inside.

– Eye-shadow brush inside.

My favorite combinations are –

1. Double Dip + Frosted Choc + Divine + Buttons

IMG_9886 copy

2. Sugar + Tob – le – rone + Mocha Lover + Adorable

IMG_9887 copy


Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit – from Make Up Revolution (@Rs 650) – Medium Dark 

IMG_9901 copy

– Loved this product.

– Great coverage in one application.

– Shades gel with all skin tones.

– Even bushy eye brows can look natural.

– Comes with a plucker & small applicator.

Eyeliner – Use your regular kajal if you prefer smudged look. For a winged eye, use a gel base or liquid eye liner.

– Use kajal on the lower lid. Make sure you apply it very clean.

– After the application of your shadows, use the kajal without a sharp tip, this will look blended in your brown smoky eye look.

– For a hint of glamour, you can add a dab of sparkle to the eye ball area on the upper lid. Make sure you do not spill it all over and around your eyes. Use very less quantity.

– Gel Liners give a defined look. Make sure you apply it right on the first go.

Mascara – Never to forget the most important tool for flawless eyes!


DUEL  – Iconic PRO Lipstick from Make Up Revolution (@Rs 600) 

IMG_9900 copy

– I used DUEL lip color.

– Red Coral Color with a hint of strong orange on high points.

– Very creamy yet non greasy texture.

– Gloss finish

– lighter application. Soft color. Must use a brush to apply for 2-3 times for bold look/coverage.

– Stays for 4-5 hours.

– Transferable color.



– If you know you will have a long day ahead, make sure to wear comfortable pair of flats or ballerinas to office & carry your loved heels for the party.

TIP – You can put a  surgeons tape/plastic tape around the third and fourth toe, starting with the thumb. The tape will fix the fingers and prevent their separation. This procedure will reduce the pressure on the front part of the foot that becomes painful when wearing high heels.

– Closed shoes or peep toes always look defined & disciplined for designated ladies.

– Black & suede nudes are always in vogue & are a savior as they get along with almost all kinds of colors & silhouettes.



IMG_0009 copy

Used First Combination – Double Dip + Frosted Choc + Divine + Buttons (Starting from inner eye to outer edge ) + ( Kajal + DUEL on my Lips).


IMG_0006 copy

Who says Smoky brown + RED lips cant look subtle?


The Range

The Range


For the reviews on ASTRAL Mono Eye-shadow click – HERE

Overall review for the BRAND – MUR

Great range of palettes & highly affordable prices. Did not give me any reactions or allergies on skin. Feels light & non greasy. Eye make up range is one of the best you can find in India. Need more shades & variety in lip color. Nail Enamels give good coverage in double application, though quick dry is still missing.


Naked Chocolate + Eye Brow palette + Lip Color + Nail Color + Mono Shadows – Sent by  MUR London

– Photography – Rajan Singh

Chiffon Dobby Dress – StealNoire

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